How To Cook: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Microwavable Dinner Snack Cup

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I show you how to cook Kraft Macaroni and Cheese microwavable dinner snack cup. My Amazon affiliate link: …

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  1. Shakercheese Gamer
    Shakercheese Gamer says:

    Here’s the thing if you want to really be fair on what the time is that I always make the cup thing and I set the time to 3:30 and then start I also for now on am making the perfect one so when I’m done doing the normal stuff and it’s really hot I wanna take out my eating spoon and give my Mac and cheese a good ol rub HEHE BOIAH and then I’m gonna turn is over and poke trough random areas after that I take out a straw and I will blow on the Mac and cheese to cool it off faster and then it’s ready


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