How I Cooked 20 Pounds of Eggplant

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In the latest installment of Andrew cooking a lot of one thing, EGGPLANT! 0:00 Why eggplant? 0:53 Eggplant parm 4:10 Fish …

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  1. Lu Cheng
    Lu Cheng says:

    Can you do carrots next? They’re super cheap and always come in 10-pound bags

    Whenever we buy them we always end up with a bunch of old shriveled carrots in our fridge drawer

  2. miss_volkana
    miss_volkana says:

    How about a fruit episode? Such as apricots, peaches, berries, apples, bananas, or pineapple?
    Can explore both savory and sweet dishes, and other food products like condiments (chutney), drinks (sangria) or preserves (dried or jelly/jams)

  3. Huda
    Huda says:

    Eggplants are an essential part of the levant cuisine. From Mutabbal, baba gannouj, mosaka, maqloubeh to makali with falafel. It was always a part of our weekly meals.

  4. Stephanie Alexis
    Stephanie Alexis says:

    I usually just watch cooking videos and never cook anything because I'm not a fan of cooking, but these look like such great and easy meals to cook, I'm thinking of making the ratatoullie tomorrow.

  5. TF
    TF says:

    Glad you liked the fish fragrance eggplant! Seems a little strange to call it a braised dish though, there's just a quick fry and a stir-fry after. But yes, it's a fantastic dish on rice, I can imagine it doing great on noodles as well

  6. Netu
    Netu says:

    Never eat eggplant simply because it's never sold in markets near me. I cannot wait to try it out more. Lots of the recipes looked so approachable and so fun.

  7. Jennevere
    Jennevere says:

    Eggplant was the one food I REFUSED to eat as a child. Like, I'd go to bed hungry if it meant not having to eat eggplant parm. 20+ years later it's one of my new favorite veggies!

  8. Philip
    Philip says:

    For the first dish, when you said you squish everything with your fork… just use a knife?! I can never understand Americans who only use their forks to cut food. Like. Knives do exist, you can use them to cut a perfect bite!

  9. Tarnime Kandil
    Tarnime Kandil says:

    Try looking into Egyptian or middle eastern dishes, there are so many eggplant recipes, it’s a staple, like fried eggplant, baba ganoush, stuffed eggplants, fried cubed eggplant salad, baked mashed eggplant salad, pickled eggplant, and mousakaa, and so on, these are some of the many eggplant recipes we have in egypt

  10. Clifford Lee
    Clifford Lee says:

    Eggplant is my favourite veg only when it's cooked right which Andrew has demonstrated pretty well here. There's one he missed out though is stuffed deep fried eggplant commonly found in Yong Tau Foo in South East Asia countries.


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