How a Plant Based Diet Changed My Life

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My transition to starting a whole food plant-based diet changed my life. In today’s video I am sharing my journey and its effects on …

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  1. Stacy keach
    Stacy keach says:

    I love this video at large❤❤,. you remind me of what someone once said.. " Making money is an Action, keeping money is behavior, Growing money is Knowledge" . I once attended seminar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth….

  2. Kaylyn Pacific
    Kaylyn Pacific says:

    I drink my steamed zucchini water too! It’s my favorite part! Also this video is so pure and honest. We love this content! We love the mindset stuff. Keep inspiring people with this positive message!❤

  3. Kefir Heals
    Kefir Heals says:

    Oh my goodness – what a video!!! It had all the makings of being documentary-ish (is that a word?), I loved it. What a lot of great information. Wow, wow, wow. Is this the types of videos you will be putting out there? What a role model to follow. Inspiring. Eye opening. Raw and honest.

  4. David's Allotment
    David's Allotment says:

    Love 🥰 this video Emmie and would rather watch this than a 🐈 video because this video is more inspirational and motivating than a cat 🐈 video would be. This is the greatest video Emmie has ever made. Great that you have the mini 3 quart instant pot and it is the kitchen appliance that I use the most. Love 🥰 this video and love 💞Emmie ( it would be impossible not to) and love 💕❤Mum & Dad.

  5. Jolynn Orth
    Jolynn Orth says:

    Emmie! You are amazing! Thank you for this calm, inspiring, and insightful video! Your message is clear, and your heart is pure love! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us!❤

  6. irradiated_woman
    irradiated_woman says:

    This one was really quite inspiring. It hit home for me. I have been vegan for around 7 years, and much of that was whole food plant based. For the last 2 or three years though… I've been going through it. Huge personal life upheavals, my MDD worsened to a place it hadnt been in a long time, severe burnout, and I've been watching myself spiral.

    I got myself in therapy, I've been trying so hard to dig my way out of this, but it often feels like I'm only going sideways, or I keep getting knocked down. I know perfectly well the difference WFPB makes–I've been there before! Still, actually getting back there from a state of being very mentally unwell has been SO difficult.

    Point being, I think I needed the reminder for those specific mental health and clarity benefits. The reminder of how I'm supposed to feel, and how diet has so much power to influence more and more changes. I feel more motivated than I have in some time.

  7. tabetha ruple
    tabetha ruple says:

    I have to say, the gal at the Kansas City Chiefs game who was caught on camera eating a whole baked potato at the game says it all. I don’t know if she is on a special “diet”. The SOS lifestyle is so easy and wholesome. It is a no brainer! I do the same 😂.

  8. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I was wondering, do you stick with the same foods because you have a sensitive stomach or is it just what you like or have time for? Do you add beans or other grains in with your oats/sweet potatoes/veg/fruit very often? I guess you are doing a healthy version of the two dinner model, ziti/chicken, you grew up with. 😉 Also, did you not have a calm, stable brain before you turned plant based? What does it mean when you digestion is "on point"?

  9. marycschrag
    marycschrag says:

    Hi Emmie, thank you for this video! I am grateful for you coming in a casual way and sharing your life and organization and simple living. All of it!! I am aiming to contact you soon to inquire about going through your program.

  10. Donna B
    Donna B says:

    That was the best video I have seen you do Emmie 💖 I have watched a lot of your videos and they are all amazing but this one is just so special & SOOO inspirational & interesting and you are just so beautiful inside & out!!! Your a gift to the world!!! I will be 60 on 10th February and I loovve healthy mummy so hope you both have a fantastic birthday 🎉 🎉❤❤


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