How A 40 Day JUICE FAST Changed Her Life

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Sylwia recently committed to a 40 day juice fast and she had incredible results. This juice fast was also a transition to a raw vegan …

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  1. Gillian Berry
    Gillian Berry says:

    Happy Saturday Guys! Let me know if you have ever tried a juice fast below! ⬇️
    And if you want the same juicer we were talking about and use, go here and use code GILLIAN10 to save $55!

    (full disclosure! I am an affiliate with Nama! meaning I receive a small % and the amazing support goes right back into my work and this channel & I am so grateful plus you get the best juicer in the world to change your life with!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. Autumn Grace
    Autumn Grace says:

    Ive finally found good ratios and tolerating green juices way better. Day 17. Sylvia glows, Gillian glows, the secret is in the liquid gold of juicing! Looking forward to speaking with you someday Gillian. ❤Pure Coconut water is a great add.
    Curious, Ive not done the psyllium husk or clay, what is the amount and how often in each day? Any recommendations???

  3. Margie Gilliam
    Margie Gilliam says:

    Hey I AM new to your channel
    Have ever known anybody to be cured of cancer doing juice fasting
    I AM getting ready to do a juice fast as soon as my nama j2 comes
    Looking forward to this
    Thanks a million

    RAMHTP says:

    I’m on day 78 right now, all raw and I’m aiming for 120. These last 42 days, I’m In-Spired to do no salt, no oil, predominantly fresh fruits and greens juiced or in a smoothie when I do have them. Honestly been feeling weighed down by the fats and huge salads. Still feel good, but not as light as I felt when I was only having salads here and there. This interview is reminding me, if one can do just liquids for 40 days, doing just fruit is feasible. At least I get to have solids still. Much props to Sylvia for going that far on liquids. That’s no small feat

  5. Natasha Bonnet
    Natasha Bonnet says:

    Awesome! What a great testimony! I love this! Also, Gillian you are such an inspiration, and you have helped me believe and stay focused during my transition! Thank you, and Keep doing this work!!!❤

  6. Ma Dam Plant
    Ma Dam Plant says:

    I have arthritis and osteoporosis but am a very active 61 year old. I need to really go more raw. I love juice fasts soooooo much. Always feel so great in them❤🎉

  7. Kumi Perma Ecovillage Ghana
    Kumi Perma Ecovillage Ghana says:

    Sylwia is a hero. She is not sick and taking this brave decision. It's a great motivation for me because I am not healthy and I am happy I am talking this path.
    I'm 3 weeks (21 days) old eating only fruits. I have not started juicing but I am happy to eat only fresh foods. I'm growing lean and face lots of challenges here because everyone who knows me is taking about it. People meet me and ask me whether I am sick or I don't have money or something is wrong with me.
    I love this diet and no turning back. I'm training myself mentally by watching more videos from this channel and other raw foodist.
    Thanks Gillian for your help and support and will be counting on your channel. If I eat little cooked food I will let you know. But I am going on and don't want any addiction.

  8. HighRaw Celestine
    HighRaw Celestine says:

    Wow! Great interview Gillian. People underestimate the power of raw food. This past winter it was colder than the other one and I ate more cooked food than normally would. I felt horrible the whole winter . I learnt a lesson and promised myself to do better this year. So I have been eating raw breakfast and lunch and cooked vegetables at dinner now that the weather is warmer. I had been having a wrist pain for months. I don't know where I got the injury. I would feel it only when I was sweeping the floor. Then yesterday I realized the pain was gone. Completely, just like that. I am sure the fruits and salads I have been eating has healed it. I am so shocked and motivated to continue with the journey. Raw is pure medicine.

  9. Victoria Morgan
    Victoria Morgan says:

    Hi Gillian! My husband and I just completed a 40 day juice cleanse. We followed Shane Sterling's protocol. I took a lot of your advice and felt really motivated by listening to your videos while I juiced 12 quarts of a juice a day for the both of us (using the amazing Nama J2 juicer thanks to you). It was about 3 hours of work a day so hard but so rewarding at the same time.

    We are now feeling better than I ever imagined eating a raw vegan diet. We don't miss anything we used to never be able to live without like coffee, alcohol and animal products. Our life in general feels more vibrant and it's the craziest thing but we are noticing a lot of interest from family and friends who have seen the positive impact this journey has had on our lives. We haven't once tried to push our ways on anyone else, yet people seem to be inspired by this new way of life we have taken on. We get so many questions and already have friends who are doing the juice cleanse also.

    So thank you SO MUCH for all your amazing videos and for the motivation you are creating ❤

  10. Songbabe
    Songbabe says:

    I used Kangen water for nearly 3 years. I had initially asked if it filtered fluoride. I asked again one day and the guy I was buying water from said he had recently found out it did not, so I stopped. I was really disappointed cuz I loved that water! Just a warning.

  11. SpreadTheRaw
    SpreadTheRaw says:

    I did a 102 day juice fast on Shane’s protocol I started Jan 1st of this year and just finished mid April. I had several autoimmune issues and have healed most of them. Congrats Syl! Loved this video!

  12. Marie MD
    Marie MD says:

    Omg. I wanted to comment because I got so dehydrated on my 16 days juice cleanse and I wish I could have watched this video! I also had intense diarrhea that wouldn't go away so that's why I ended up stopping my juice cleanse on day 16 :/. Great video!

  13. Jakyron Bailey
    Jakyron Bailey says:

    One more question lol. What's your thoughts on fermented foods? I've never heard u mention them but I hear they're good for gut health. Were they a part of your healing process?

  14. Ani
    Ani says:

    Who doesn't look anywhere near 40? Sylwia and Gillian!! Love these juicing videos Gillian and all the raw lifestyle ones. It's great learning how this can change a person's body.😊❤


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