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  1. USNVA11
    USNVA11 says:

    That looks pretty tasty Rick. I just received my HotLogic Mini yesterday. I'm going to make a chicken curry with mushrooms and onions here in about an hour. It should be ready to go in all its awesomeness by noon. My first Hotlogic cook ! 😉

  2. chesh kat
    chesh kat says:

    I love my pressure cooker leftovers! I also love YOUR pressure cooker leftovers – looks so yummy. You are making that Hot Logic Mini look more appealing.

  3. Backward Nelsons
    Backward Nelsons says:

    Me and my husband enjoy watching your videos! always good info and a good laugh 🙂 we went out and bought a pressure cooker now to rewatch some of your videos and get some food ideas 🙂 we just started our youtube channel would love a sub!

  4. bebina
    bebina says:

    Hi Rick, looks really yummy. I use my hot logic mini to heat up leftovers too instead of using the microwave. It especially came in handy for Thanksgiving and holiday leftovers.

  5. Thomas Tommy
    Thomas Tommy says:

    Cool video thanks for sharing. Rick I found a video you made oh how to program a keyless remote on a 2002 Buick LeSabre a while back. But I can't find find it anymore. Would you please send me a link to that and any other videos you did on the Buick. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks for sharing your videos.


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