Hot Cheetos Jalapeños Popper | Mac & Cheese MUKBANG

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  1. Wendy's Eating Show
    Wendy's Eating Show says:

    Happy Mother’s Day 💐❤️🥰 I hope ya’ll had a wonderful day with friends and family. If you didn’t have anyone to celebrate with, you at least have me🥰 I’ll always be your friend. Also don’t forget to comment down below to get a shoutout on my next video ☺️follow me on tiktok & ig to get the latest updates: Wendy’s Eating Show❤️

  2. Joanna P
    Joanna P says:

    Wendy I love tour channel ..💖 been watching you for like 3years or so..Now did you paint that painting in the back ?the galactic pinkish glittery painting ?so beautiful 💖💖

  3. Natasha Lekhram
    Natasha Lekhram says:

    Happy Mothers Day to you Wendy! Nice flower makeup. Enjoying your daily mukbangs..Please do another hot cheetos locos video, they are the best! It's green mango season here in fort lauderdale, FL and I think of you when I have one because it tastes great with valentina!! LOL

  4. normie shields
    normie shields says:

    i started watching you about 3years ago when my daughter said look at this ,,, not going to say what! and i said let me see, and i was hooked on wendy
    your great and seem to me like a great women and your mum to so sweet!

  5. Brayden Dempsey
    Brayden Dempsey says:

    NO WAY, I use to watch you as a “kid”. I really enjoyed your videos, it made me comfortable with how I loveeee food so much. But I’m now struggling with anorexia nervosa. You now have 1 million subscribers. I’m happy for you 🙂 and you should be happy for yourself.


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