Homestead Kitchen Base Cabinets! What do I keep in the kitchen? Clean with me #homestead essentials

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Welcome to a beautiful winter day in south central Alaska. Join me on an adventure cleaning my base cabinets. Never seen …

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  1. Karen Chaney
    Karen Chaney says:

    I had to smile when you were talking about container for your refrigerator because I did the same thing when I got my new refrigerator and thought I would keep everything in there place. Well lasted maybe a month I decided it wasn’t working so I went back to to messy refrigerator..wish I was an organized person but have decided after 73 years it’s not happening. But I do find it’s a lot easier to rehome things I don’t use.

  2. Kathy Conger
    Kathy Conger says:

    Ugh! Now I feel like I should clean out my cupboards & drawers. Darn you! Your making the rest of us look bad!😔😂 But it was quite satisfying watching you clean out yours.👍🏻 Have a great day!❤️

  3. Lisa DAbek
    Lisa DAbek says:

    Enjoyed this video. I like watching how people do things and possibly picking up a few tips. We have a small house in Florida and organization for us is simple. There are three of us and my 20 yr. son we decided to give him his own kitchen drawer. I never seen anyone so excited over this. His own space. We let him have his own bathroom but he has to clean it. He has his own little are in the garage and storage in the shed. We’re trying to get him to be accountable for himself. As I recuperate from back surgery and dealing now with Covid, your videos are great to watch and learn something the same time. Till next time Jessica and gang.❤ Good night from FL

  4. Del Torres
    Del Torres says:

    Purge Purge it
    ….these videos are Very Motivating….
    I’m in the middle of doing PURGING MY BEDROOM AND CLOSETS …saw it all to the End ..I did put you on pause a few times ..💜💜✌🏽

  5. Kitt Miller
    Kitt Miller says:

    Victorinox are very expensive excellent knives, Made in Switzerland since 1884, they are what I use. the small spoons are Demitasse spoons, the other ones you mentioned for fruit are for citrus fruit.

  6. Alison Phillips
    Alison Phillips says:

    In my head I am cleaning my cabinets but in reality, I am laying and watching Jessica do hers. 😂 I totally need to go through my cabinets and do the same because I have a few things that tell me that I am not doing it right. Vitronox is a great brand I love my bread knife by them and recommended by American test kitchen 😁

  7. Marilyn Capehart
    Marilyn Capehart says:

    Hi 👋🏽 Jessica my drawers are a mess, not as deep as yours I wish. I need the Engery & I do not have., thanks., It’s only me I do have Children but it’s still only me One of Each Cup-plate-drinking glass-fork-knife- large spoon., I need Paper Plates I am not crazy about plastic cups, it’s Organized in the Kitchen & Bathroom I do make up my Bed every morning and change my Sheets @ least twice a Week, my Clothes are put away 1-22-2023👍🏽❤️

  8. LoriC 333
    LoriC 333 says:

    All the small random things and, Tupperware drive me crazy! Your closet video motivated me to finally clean out my bedroom/storage closets. Wow, what a task, but, what a relief. You do such an amazing job.

  9. Evebrandy
    Evebrandy says:

    Any chance that cookbook without a cover is "How to Cook Everything"? I ask because mine looks the same, the cover fell off. And the size looked right.
    Also there is going to be a mean sounding donation bin near me very soon. Thanks for sharing real life💜

  10. Alison Nelson
    Alison Nelson says:

    Hi sweet one! You are so right that the kitchen has to work for you. Everyone has different reasons for why they keep things where they do. You HAVE to do what works for you! I have a hard time parting with some things…silly, but still difficult…lol! A junk drawer…I didn't think you would have one…LOL!!!!! The pointed spoon is for grapefruit…you were right! I have a prayer request. My youngest sister is having brain surgery Tuesday AND Wednesday. It is not cancer, but is very extensive in her brain. We are optimistic she will be ok and can do well in rehab! Big hugs and many blessings to you and your lovely family!

  11. Judy Shoemaker
    Judy Shoemaker says:

    Those two clear plastic pieces you weren’t sure about, I know one hooks on the back of you electric canner to catch any water when you are canning or opening the lid. Good clean out of items. I love the little spoons and love how you are using some of them. Congratulations on completing the kitchen organization. I am still working on mine.

  12. Denise Stephens
    Denise Stephens says:

    Oh u were talking about stuff to throw away they make a electric compost and other things that are not electric… plus if u look it up collect pine cones and they make great fire starters u can use them alone or dip them in bees wax and sprinkle salt on then tie a string around them to lite and put them in a big basket by ur heater and do away with Kindlen..

  13. Denise Stephens
    Denise Stephens says:

    I have the exact same sink my husband got it out of a old house that was being torn down and I love mine to… Some I've seen has the double sink in the center mine has the single in the center… What do u keep urs white with? I usually use a mix of water and clorox because it gets stained easy..

  14. Laura Groux
    Laura Groux says:

    Well little girl, I have to admit…. I have drawer envy!!! We no longer live in the home where I had my dream kitchen, sadly this one was more of an after thought! One of the hazards of down sizing.
    I had a ball sitting on your kitchen floor and snooping through your wares!!
    I have my hand strainers hanging on the inside of one of the under sink doors. I used those peel and stick hooks. They are right where I use them, at the sink.
    I subscribe to your theory, if something gives you angst, out it goes.
    Until our next visit, much love.
    ❤Momma G

  15. Willows Garden
    Willows Garden says:

    Hi Jessica and sweet family! It always amazes me how my kitchen gets so disorganized and cluttered. I have been rearranging my counters and worked on my freezer today. It’s a beautiful day and the sun was shining which makes me think spring is not far away. I’ve already planned my garden and can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt. I love home grown vegetables.
    You did your kitchen and that’s awesome. By the way, you look fabulous. Have a blessed night everyone!

  16. Cindy Schuster
    Cindy Schuster says:

    Now I want to go clean out my storage container cupboard. I periodically soak my cutting boards in bleach and it actually helps to brighten them up. I started watching you a few weeks ago and enjoy watching you and your family.


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