Homemade vs. Costco Blind Taste Test

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Today, Josh is seeing if his homemade chicken can beat out Costco’s rotisserie chicken! Make your own with the recipe below. Beat The Brand Ep.3 Subscribe …

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  1. Bored Bob
    Bored Bob says:

    $4.99 Costco chicken gets you in the door. Then you buy other stuff which ups the overall profit so the loss on the chicken is money well spent for Costco.

  2. Alexis McPherson
    Alexis McPherson says:

    I love this series but…😳 Josh has taken the joke of not washing his hands to coughing from the spice of Tony’s all over the food he’s preparing and “I have an open wound on my hand and just ignore it.” If he’s the only one eating it – who cares, but he is literally feeding this to coworkers.

  3. TheMagicKnightress
    TheMagicKnightress says:

    I can believe that I googled “Irish weapon” and this was the third result :

    The Shillelagh was used as a walking stick and or a weapon, in the 1600’s the Penal Laws set by the British Government outlawed Irish people from owning weapons, among a host of other laws. So having a walking stick that doubled as a weapon was a clever way around such laws.

  4. Miss Dire
    Miss Dire says:

    Josh, what on earth did you burn your hand on!? Was it something that involved your love juice?

    Also, I agree with the "cutting meat and veg on the same surface" statement. Unless said veg are staying raw, frick it.

  5. chuck guerin
    chuck guerin says:

    I try to NEVER use aluminum, but do if I have to. BTW cut your hair and dont wear pink. You seem to be becoming quite flaky. You need to re- evaluate and drop the conceit. I officially dont like this channel. Sorry. Just my opinion.


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