Homemade seitan instant pot


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Homemade seitan is an amazing vegetarian “meat” alternative. It is delicious, high in protein and wonderful for every day lunches and as a main entrée. High in …
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  1. thembilove
    thembilove says:

    Thanks so very much for an informative video. For better texture and slightly more fluffiness, I'd recommend cutting it into largish chuncks before boiling, and not putting it in the bag. Its also less likely to get contaminated by whatever the bag is made off

  2. Rodney
    Rodney says:

    I just bought a couple of milk bags and made my own Oatley-like oat milk. Good to know I can use the second one for seitan in the Instapot. I would also recommend that you brush on some oil and spices of choice, rosemary, sage, etc., after it comes out of the Instapot, and pan grill it on all sides for a nice flavorful crust.

  3. Kerrie Lester
    Kerrie Lester says:

    Thank you! Your video was easy to follow and after his first taste, my picky vegetarian SO asked that I make this recipe on a regular basis. I subbed poultry seasoning for the dry herbs because that's all I had. Also, I didn't have a nut bag and really wanted to try it NOW so I just plopped the seitan in the broth and it was fine. I'm thinking about putting thin strips of this into the dehydrator as-is to see what kind of jerky it turns out. It's that tasty.

  4. David C
    David C says:

    Love your idea of using the nut bag! I usually cook some beans in mirepoix and add the beans instead of garbonzo flour and then you have stock to cook the seitan


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