Holiday Traditions During a Grieving Time/ Tips & Ideas on Creating New Memories


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Are you dealing with the loss of a loved one or a friend during the holidays? We are grieving my dad’s loss from about three months ago. How are we getting …
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  1. Margaret Bedwell
    Margaret Bedwell says:

    The firsts are always the hardest Lynn, but you are doing the best thing in honoring your Dad on his favorite holiday. Tell your Mom she is a fantastic table designer. Her table for Thanksgiving is just beautiful. I hope y'all have a wonderful day. BTW The broccoli casserole sounds good. I would love for your Mom to do that one for us.

  2. Jan From NYC Saves Money!
    Jan From NYC Saves Money! says:

    Hi Lynn– this video is lovely! Your Dad will be with you no matter what. He is there. Honoring and celebrating his memory on his favorite of holidays is precisely what Dad would like. First holidays without their physical presence are very tough, but through Gods love we actually get through them. Enjoy all that fun family stuff and have an amazing day. The other day I called you out in gratitude a few times on my most recent Tea Tuesday. I meant every word. Best to you and yours! JAN ❤

  3. MJYouAreNotAlone1
    MJYouAreNotAlone1 says:

    Your Thanksgiving table is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the video. That’s exactly what I do go looking for my regular people that I want to see that brighten my day and you are definitely one of them! I sent a prayer for your family. 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Sara Erin
    Sara Erin says:


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  5. Colleen j
    Colleen j says:

    I would love the broccoli casserole recipe! Also… I never heard of making a turkey in the crock pot. I am thawing a whole chicken and might roast it in the oven if its ready tomorrow? My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is cooking, but turkey is not my favorite thing to eat.

  6. Green House Homestead
    Green House Homestead says:

    In 1992 on Nov 1st my 12 year old died. You can imagine how grief stricken I was. But I had two other kids that I had to continue to parent and make their holidays normal as possible. It wasn’t easy. I did what needed doing and I cried at night by myself. I made Thanksgiving that year and I went Christmas shopping for my children. However, I cried while shopping because I saw things I knew my daughter would love. Now my dad was found deceased Christmas Eve of 2001. How do you open presents and celebrate happy times when the day before your father left the earth? I had to rely on scripture and know dad was in glory and I was happy for him.

  7. Lula Mcrae
    Lula Mcrae says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. This is my first Thanksgiving without my brother, he passed away in April. I am the only sibling left, it gets hard sometimes, but with God's grace I am going to get through it. So I appreciate your time with us tonight. Thanks for sharing. Sending prayers, hugs&love to you &your family. Love from Lula mae&family 💕💕💕💕💕

  8. Laureen Cortese
    Laureen Cortese says:

    I was going to say start a few new traditions and make sure you tell your favorite story of your dad. We are gathering for the first time in 3 years since we lost momma in 2019 and my my sisters 31 year old son in 2020 so It’s going to be a bit different for sure✝️💗 happy thanksgiving 🦃 my dear.


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