Here's The Untold Truth Of Manwich

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Sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a good old-fashioned Sloppy Joe. Simple to make, super tasty, and beloved by people of all …

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  1. Cinder Man
    Cinder Man says:

    My mom always made her own recipe and called it "juicy burgers". I've never tasted a Sloppy Joe that's even close to hers. She had a couple of special seasonings (now in MY cookbook) but it was the extra vinegar she used that gave her version of Sloppy Joe's a much more mouth-watering kick. That being said, I've never had a Sloppy Joe burger that I didn't like (except for a couple of outdated MRE's that tasted like tin foil).

  2. Samk16
    Samk16 says:

    Before my husband and I met he used manwitch all the time so when we went shopping he grabbed it cause his kids wanted sloppy Joe's and I gave him the look 🤨 and said gross and he's like how do you make sloppy Joe's so I got my ingredients and made it and he was like OMG this is so good. And then he's like I'm never buying manwitch again! And I said I wouldn't let him. 😂

  3. Losttoanyreason
    Losttoanyreason says:

    Used to love Manwich until they ruined it with additional heat. Regular manwich was never hot. One of the reasons it was so popular with kids. Just isn't the same thing anymore.

  4. Raymond Belmont
    Raymond Belmont says:

    While a can of sauce like that is easy to buy it’s also easier to make yourself, just like making bbq sauce.

    Tomato ketchup base, mustard, Worcester sauce and spices, chopped onions and peppers not a huge surprise if you read the back of the can.

    You can make bbq sauce from ketchup and grape jelly and it tastes exactly like what you buy in the store.

    I learned that on google when I was out of bbq sauce and had packets of ketchup and grape jelly in my fridge from fast food places.

    Taking the time for intelligence and improvising gives you a new skill to build off of.

  5. barb towner
    barb towner says:

    I cook up ground beef. with onions, kidney beans, add manwhich sauce. Shredded cheddar cheese. Little bit of sour cream, and crushed up nachos. When you serve it I put little bit of more sour cream. And side of nachos for dipping into the chilli

  6. Michael Myers
    Michael Myers says:

    This stuff i terrible, and tastes NOTHING like real Sloppy Joes! What a waste of money! You can make your own just as fast if you have the original recipe, and it tastes way better. Cheap slop!!!

  7. HuffinStuff
    HuffinStuff says:

    Manwich is my go to for sloppy joes. I recommend using a little less ground beef for some extra slop! The original is best and the Bold sucks. I’ve been making sloppy joe burritos for a while. The burrito holds the slop very well. Also making a sloppy joe grilled cheese is delicious.


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