Her Secret To Feeding 5 Guys On A Budget! (PART 1) Grocery Budget Audit

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I was amazed to see that this viewer is doing so well! In today’s grocery budget audit video, Gina shares her secret to how she …

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  1. Living On A Dime To Grow Rich
    Living On A Dime To Grow Rich says:

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  2. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    Great pantry items and bargains. My advice- toss out everything you have not used for a year & you dislike. Too much old stuff in the pantry. let it go. It looks a bit too crowded and you are not using things.

  3. psychelatte
    psychelatte says:

    🔥 It's a brilliant tip I discovered ,which this lady is doing , put some baking soda in a little open container in your fridge door , and it absorbs all the smells and keeps your fridge smelling fresh ! I use an old spice jar !

  4. psychelatte
    psychelatte says:

    I can't wait for you to do some international audits ,and see what your viewers across the pond are buying to eat ! I really hope that happens soon ! Also people like me buying groceries online !

  5. Tess
    Tess says:

    A little tip for the greens powder sitting in the fridge…I have the same blend and she's right, it tasted meeehh😅 but blended with a frozen really ripe banana and water, it tastes really good. Cheaper and a way to use up all those forgotten bananas at the back of the freezer. I have thise too 😂

  6. psychelatte
    psychelatte says:

    I once bought rice milk from the health food store , tried it just for fun , and I liked it . A long time later ,I tried making my own and it was a disaster ! VERY messy and time consuming , and in the end it just tasted like coloured water ,no joke ! I have no idea what I did wrong ! 😂

  7. psychelatte
    psychelatte says:

    Tea ! Anyone tried spiced Chai Latte ? It comes powdered ,and you make it with milk like a latte coffee, and it SOOOO good ! Really warming and kind of festive because of the spices ,great for a hot drink in the Christmas season ! Bee-youtiful !

  8. Tawna Parko
    Tawna Parko says:

    You said your husband can't use the shortening. I have been avoiding hydrogenated oil by choice. I have had good success using oil in baking as long as I mix it into the dry ingredients and let it rest 5 minutes. Sometimes I need to reduce the liquid ingredients a little so the dough isn't runny.

  9. psychelatte
    psychelatte says:

    Over here in the UK , we like our pancakes with lemon and sugar ! We find them absolutely divine that way ! (and we don't eat a great pile of them at once , we usually only have two each maximum.)

  10. Ruth Pilkington
    Ruth Pilkington says:

    This gal is the bomb 🎉 Learn how to make Asian sauces from scratch. (Sometimes a savings but not if you have to buy weird ingredients) Make your own yogurt. Make your own "maple" syrup. That could defray some cost.

  11. LifeBeyondTheSalary
    LifeBeyondTheSalary says:

    For spices that you are trying to use up, try it on popcorn. I know that sounds insane, but 9 times out of 10 when we’ve used a spice that we didn’t know how to use on anything else, we’ve tried it on our homemade popcorn & BOOM!!! SOOO GOOD!!! We got some epicure? Meatball seasoning & we used it on our homemade popcorn… it became our favorite seasoning on popcorn until we ran out of it! Go figure!!!

  12. Beverly Lee
    Beverly Lee says:

    I never have enough bananas to freeze! If they make it beyond snacking, we love banana fritters (basically a fry bread). I also make banana pancakes for a special weekend breakfast and let the kids top it however they want (peanut butter and/or mini chocolate chips are a favorite for them, I like walnuts, cinnamon sprinkle, and a touch of real maple syrup). Strawberry banana smoothies, of course (I flash freeze large amounts of strawberries at peak season when I can get them super cheap).

  13. eclairtreo
    eclairtreo says:

    Brilliant!! Loved the video inserts of various cooking techniques. The guest is doing a remarkable job. It's fascinating to see how other people's kitchens are organized, how they eat, and what are their priorities. Great series Tawra. Thank you both.


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