Healthy Van Life Mexican Bowl Recipe

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Hello guys! I had to re- upload the Video because of the copyright issues for the music! I searched another 5 h for a perfect song. You might don’t see all the work …

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  1. Phylmaria Arai
    Phylmaria Arai says:

    feel sad for penyo at last part.. he didn't have his bowl of food… please give him same time as YU eat his own bowl of dog food….. its not to offend but just felt he shouldn't be watching while YU eat N he doesn't… such delicious preparation penyo smells the sweet scent of food it just made me sad in this part only…. don't get me wrong

  2. psy Amok
    psy Amok says:

    wow wow wow that is definitely MASTERCHEF quality cooking! Thumbs up! Looks sooooo delicious! Can I have some? You don't have a frig, and you cook so much! Hope you have some travel buddies to share those delicious cooking of yours!

  3. Mercy Dworzak
    Mercy Dworzak says:

    Hello Susi, what a nicely presented video as well as a great recipe. I love the van, the colors and your taste in decorations. Well done life I admire you and look forward to seeing the rest of your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Alessio Yautja
    Alessio Yautja says:

    Damm that looks so appealing. Lovely mix of colours on the table, makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I think I'd have to substitute the pineapple, maybe for apple. Looks like a great recipe 🙂

    Also, if you are serious about cooking I would recommend a small wooden spoon/spatula as you can use it to stir things in your metal pans without scratching away the non-stick coating, unlike with a metal spoon. Its one of the things my father insisted on buying for me before I moved it and it almost doubled the life of my pans 😀
    Enjoy your trip, keep up the videos ^^

  5. Soil oil Tv
    Soil oil Tv says:

    looks absolutely amazing the black beans with the bacon is exactly how my parents do it but instead of using cans they just use like the beans and then use a pressure cooker sometimes it gives a better taste !!

  6. Liv T
    Liv T says:

    I recently discovered your channel and I’m inspired by your independence and zest for life especially as a single woman with her loyal companion Peno.
    Your strength gives me strength and your determination gives me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journey 🙏🏼


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