Healthy keto/low carb meal prep| budget friendly| EASY

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Hey guy’s! I hoped you enjoyed this video and found it helpful, inspirational, and motivational. Thank you for watching! Have an amazing week! If you liked this …

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  1. Jamie Cee49
    Jamie Cee49 says:

    Keto really isn't good for Women over 40. Unless you need to loose a lot of weight. But I wouldn't do it for a liifetime. I think Low-Carb is better. You have a balance. I know I'm eating a little to much carbs. I can feel i. I may not be allergic to it. I've been tested for it. But I know I am Sensitive to it. Because I have a hard time controlling how much I eat of it. And I need too. I'm a carb-aholic…😆💖….

  2. A Fields
    A Fields says:

    I love your ideas which I am going to do. I always wanted to start the Keto diet but I thought everything had to be “expensive “ it so confusing because I don’t know where to start..


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