Hamburgerless Helper: The Laziest (But Still Healthy) Meal Ever | Vegan Oil Free

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Let’s harken back to a time when happiness was found in a box containing dry pasta and a seasoning packet. Yes, we’re putting a healthy vegan spin on one of …
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  1. Laura Monje
    Laura Monje says:

    WOW!! I am cooking it right now abd my kitchen smells like hamburger helper!!!! 😆
    I stopped eating animal products Feb of this year and my boyfriend just decided a month ago to not eat animal product 5 days a week! We are both 40years old and this has been a huge life change for us. But Dillion and Reebs have been a blessing for this family because these recipes all are delicious and healthy!! I am speechless and grateful. ❤🙏🏼😊

  2. Annette Fowler
    Annette Fowler says:

    I scoop the tomato paste into my silicone ice cube freezer trays by tablespoonfuls and freeze it. Then I don't feel the rush to use up the whole can. Once frozen, I transfer to a pyrex container so I can pop the lid whenever I need some 😉

  3. galfromwi
    galfromwi says:

    Looks good but do the lentils get soft when cooking with the acidic tomato products? I cook the lentils first in recipes that call for tomatoes, otherwise the lentils stay crunchy.

  4. d rabbit white
    d rabbit white says:

    Dang, my mom made all this (hamburger helper, and the like) instant crap. I came from the time of swanson tv dinners, tupperwear, and instant everything. Thankfully I became a vegan, then a healthier and healthier vegan, which was the gateway to so many worldwide flavour combinations. SO though this is very cool for those who have fond memories of this, I don't think I would like it. It kind of terrifies me.

  5. Sarah Dee
    Sarah Dee says:

    Barilla makes a line of high protein, plant based pasta. it's good, but probably not GF. I think I might smooth the sauce out with my immersion blender, esp the lentils, before adding in the pasta. Or wait, maybe use the smaller black lentils. Yum.

  6. Kelley Beld
    Kelley Beld says:

    I added a tablespoon of Well Your World Date Powder, it cut the acid from the tomato and really kicked it up a notch I thought! I used the tomato paste in the tube though so maybe that made it more tomatoey since it says it's double concentrated. Yummy! This is really good recipe!

  7. Anna Inman
    Anna Inman says:

    I’m making this now following the directions exactly. The brown lentils are taking closer to 45 minutes or longer. Not 20 per the recipe. Next time I’ll try it in the instant pot.


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