Hamburger steak & mushrooms cauliflower mash |Do BigYoutubers give smaller youtubers same respect?

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Hamburger steak & mushrooms with loaded cauliflower mash and green beans. Do Bigger Youtubers give smaller Youtubers the same respect they want ?

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  1. Celestine Moore
    Celestine Moore says:

    Hello. I read your comment on Eat with Phylly Phyl. I want to try Keto. I started with Chillin Wit Walt. He sent us over to her. Are you trying to reach your hours? I helped her and will help you.

  2. ALL THINGS Treka TexasTee
    ALL THINGS Treka TexasTee says:

    No you're speaking truth. Bigger channels tend to ignore us smaller channels. That's fact! That's why I've pulled my support from a few larger channels that I've supported since day 1. I understand they can't support everybody but there's certain channels that YOU KNOW always in your comments but they never follow back. Yes thicker skin but still I'm not supporting them.


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