Hamburger Casserole – French Onion Casserole – 1 Pot Meal – Easy Skillet Meal- The Hillbilly Kitchen

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Hamburger Casserole – French Onion Casserole – 1 Pot Meal – Easy Skillet Meal- The Hillbilly Kitchen In this video I’ll be whipping …

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  1. betty4gators
    betty4gators says:

    You know the food network (or any of those cooking/baking channels) need YOU on their network!! We need a country, conservative, Christian woman who can really cook everyday food!! I doubt they will put on The Hillbilly Kitchen because they are too busy being woke/liberal – too bad I know it would be a hit. Thanks for another great recipe!

    SANAM CHOPRA says:

    +++There's something magical about your food. I appreciate your efforts; I was wondering if you could share a video of you cooking with KHAL viewers.I would love to tip you on your recipes..🥰🤞👩🏻‍🍳


  3. Deb Young
    Deb Young says:

    You bring joy to my soul with all your wonderful videos! My husband and I love to try as many as we can of your awesome recipes, and they are always delicious. 😋 God bless you and protect abundantly and richly always. ✝ You're in my prayers daily. 🙏 Much love. 💜

  4. Jan Banks
    Jan Banks says:

    Thank you so much. We had this tonight. I served my 89 year old dad in a serving bowl, because I knew he’d like it. I want you to know he went back for seconds. He’s going to sleep good in his easy chair during TV time this evening.

  5. 🖤Dark Cherry 🖤
    🖤Dark Cherry 🖤 says:

    Since you insist on forcing your views with your recipes, I must say to stay humble and realize that most of Christianity is a plagiarized new age version of old religions. Oldest religion and civilization in Sumeria wrote about the great flood through the Epic of Gilfamesh. This cuneiform stone carved account predates the Old Testament. Moses's commandments were copied from Hammurabi codes of Babylon whom also removed Godesses and helped create one God. Original sumerian trinity is Anu, Enlil, and Enki. Your basing your life on a religion that is young in proximity to the older ways. All ancient belief systems spoke of an underworld such as the Sumerians, the Greek Hellenics, Indian Hindus, and Egyptians. These beliefs were inserted into Christianity but molded by the Semites. The semites overthrew Sumeria and we know that victors write history but some victors were true barbarians. The Jews don't even accept your New Testament and say it was written by the catholics during council of Nicea. They say that Jesus does not meet the predictions and requirements of the messiah of old testament. Old Testament says the messiah will bring peace for one and yet Jesus says I come not to bring peace but war. Let's just ignore that the Hebrews wrote the Bible and that most people didn't even have the literacy to read an English Bible until the late 1500s.. Let's not forget how CHRISTIANITY killed witches from 1300s to 1860 with the Salem trial and literally burned, tortured, drowned, hunted, terrorized these people and 80% of them were defenseless women. CHRISTIANITY tried to wipe away all the old religions of Europe and originally America was not Christian. Founding fathers were escaping Europe Christian terror when the Bishops and Kinf ruled the land and you learned the Bible through them as the people couldn't read well. Learn about your original Geneva "patriots" Bible. You want to force this evil murderous religion that supports a dominant war loving patriarchal God that was formed from bits and pieces of old religions? As Zeus said in Hesiods Theogony which also predates your Bible, he said I am, will be, and what was. You don't need to force Christianity on people who just want good country food. Learn more about your religion, the religions before it, before you try and force naive ignorant people to jump on the steeple train. Most denominations pick and choose from the Bible. Your anabaptists and apostolics will wear their hair long and covered as 1 Corinthians does say but then other denominations ignore those rules. Some denominations like seventh day Adventists try to follow the commandments like the sabbath and feasts like Paul does in New Testament and then your baptists and non denominational don't like rules and say they live by grace. It's all a selling scam to hook you into their spiritual scam and leave you feeling lost and in need of a Jesus that Jewish people could so easily refute. Look up Rabbi Tovia Singer. Go ahead and delete my comment but be thankful someone challenges you and might hopefully spread a seed your way. Your not always right and a wise person is open to learn while a fool will close his ears.

  6. Earlene M
    Earlene M says:

    Becky God bless you and I am happy that you speak Biblical verses also thank you for this food that you have prepared it looks really good and definitely will try it🙏❤️🩷🙏🙏

  7. Bonnie Chance
    Bonnie Chance says:

    I made something similar to this a few days ago. I used brown rice, pre-cooked, because that's what I had. It turned out rather bland. I see now that I didn't use nearly enough onions. nor any cheese. Next time, I'll know better.

  8. Sandy Trimble
    Sandy Trimble says:

    I made this recipe tonight and it was delicious – I used cream of chicken soup and cheddar cheese – also added a shake or two of worcestershire sauce. Parsley added just before the cheese – I used a can of kernel corn instead of peas. Also an envelope of dry onion soup mix.


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