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Part 1 of my HALLOWEEN decor this year! I’m so excited because I did HALLOWEEN all by itself. My Halloween ladder, Mug …

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  1. Raquel Cardenas
    Raquel Cardenas says:

    You are so talented at decorating. I use your videos for inspiration! Could you please let me know where you found that mug rack? I saw something similar on Amazon, but the comments said that the hooks were too small for Rae Dunn mugs.

  2. PennyroyalStables
    PennyroyalStables says:

    Love watching you and you have a wonderful sense of style. Your voice and positive outlook stay with me for t he day even after watching your videos. Thank you for being an inspiration for not only your decor but also as a positive human being and an example for others.

  3. JacJac
    JacJac says:

    It’s beautiful Tish! Girl I know how you felt when you got that Candy Corn cani. That’s the only piece that I wanted for Halloween and when I found it… Omygoodness! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  4. Kim Ouahidy
    Kim Ouahidy says:

    It’s your bestie Kim. Girl quit it with the Minnie Pearl lol is that the price tag/sticker on the purple mug on the ladder? Dag it lol I really need to let it play out before commenting cos I just saw you catch it. Love the candy corn decorations but I loved the new ladder vision way more! Great job 👏

  5. Celeste Davis
    Celeste Davis says:

    Tish, I pulled out my bins and bags for Halloween and I felt the same way. I plan to start decorating this weekend. As always, everything looks so beautiful and fun. You are such an inspiration!

  6. katrina shay
    katrina shay says:

    hey beautiful Tish and girls your decorations are the bomb girl love love love I am subscribed to both channels so if i miss something i always go check the other channel have a good rest of your sunday

  7. Carri's 2 Scents
    Carri's 2 Scents says:

    When I try to decorate with my Dunn mugs I get anxious thinking it looks like dirty dishes sitting around 😅 So I just stick to them on my mug holder and here and there I’ll use one to hold flowers or something.

  8. Lavette Kelley
    Lavette Kelley says:

    Tish I couldn't wait until your decoration cuz I know you going to have some good content. I've been rocking with you for a while I love love your channel. I'm all the way in Kansas City Missouri.

  9. Donna Mays
    Donna Mays says:

    You're decorations are BOMB!! That little candy corn night light I think you got from Lakeside Collections. I remember telling you to go there for the tree and night light. Wish I could decorate like you!!


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