Grocery Shopping Changed Forever – Here’s How! LIVE

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You can make one change to your grocery shopping that will make shopping EASIER and lower your grocery bill! We will be …

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  1. Lil Crafty Nook
    Lil Crafty Nook says:

    Loved this!! I laughed SO hard with the “💩💸” comment!? Eating out IS insane.

    The other day we pulled out a can of corn dated 2014 (I know. We’re behind on rotating!?) cooked and ate it. It tasted fine and better yet, WE are fine!! Talk about infilation busting!

    There are MANY reasons people are moving out of CA!? We wish we could but my husbands medical is too good. We ARE at least moving out of the Bay Area though! 😉 We’ll see a decent profit on our place here and continue to live thrifty!!

    You two are the best!! Thank you for all you do!!❤❤

  2. Holdin on
    Holdin on says:

    We have very few loss leaders where I live. I am a sale or discount girl. The tip that works for me is save five or ten dollars every shop and put it in a spot in your wallet. When you find a big sale ,pull that money out and stock up.

  3. CathyM
    CathyM says:

    If you want cheap alcohol, get to know someone who works for a distributor. I have access to a scratch and dent room for employees where we can get wine for $2 a bottle regardless of size (3 liter is same price as 750ml bottle)and beer for $9 a case (24 containers). Soda is $5 a case which is 24 containers. Recently the wine went on sale for 50% off and we stocked up.

  4. Laura Kuehlke
    Laura Kuehlke says:

    Great information and tips; my approach to grocery shopping has changed since watching your channel. I live in NJ, and we have Lidl stores here; by me, ShopRite and Trader Joe's still have the best prices, though.

  5. heather sevek
    heather sevek says:

    I don’t agree with everything you say but it to only shop sales and stock up with as much as you can, was the best thing I learned from you. It was a game changer. Tomorrow getting boneless chicken 1.59 pound. That’s the lowest in my stores in a long time. Also clearance section in the groceries stores. I have gotten great deals on so many things.

  6. Frugally Retired
    Frugally Retired says:

    We shop mainly sales too. Keep pantry and freezer full. This week butter was on sale and hamburger. The only other item we needed was heavy cream for my coffee. In and out in 10 minutes and spent around $30 (limit on butter).

  7. Victoria Oliver
    Victoria Oliver says:

    We’re lucky: our Dollar Tree has name brand and organic bread, bagels, English muffins, buns for $1.25 a loaf/ bag. And the 29 0z Muir Organic canned fire roasted whole tomatoes for 1.25/can.

  8. Laura Jacoby
    Laura Jacoby says:

    Another way to save money on groceries is to get rid of the stigma of shopping at discount grocery stores and specialty stores. Our gourmet grocery store has a discount area where I buy produce at $1 for a 3 lb bag. Last week I got organic veggies for $4 and 12 lbs. I also shop at a Korean grocery store. I recently purchased 7 bunches of green onions for $1. I dehydrated them then ground them up to make my own onion powder.

  9. Linda Roberts
    Linda Roberts says:

    I hope you told DR about that bad realtor. They DO vet them and we’ve used several of them. They WILL look into complaints and pull the ELP from the list. But you have to complain! I do agree with you about needing a credit score. We have no debt but a small mortgage, but we run everything we can through our credit card, and our score is great.

  10. L S F Rizor
    L S F Rizor says:

    Mike and Tawra — About your bad experience with a Dave Ramsey ELP: I trust you told the Ramsey organization about it. Give them notice of a bad actor, the opportunity to make things right; apply the Golden Rule.
    Have you ever heard/read Dave's story of hitting bottom and climbing back? It was after backrupcy that he found Christ. Repaying debts was part of his rebuild and recovery.


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