Greens and Beans: Rick Bayless Taco Manual

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The regional beans and greens of Veracruz are meeting a Central Mexican taco style in this new Taco Manual Episode!

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  1. paula holdgate
    paula holdgate says:

    Oh my goodness your videos have been like university for me as I wander the streets of PV and surrounding neighborhoods. Foods I have noticed and even eaten (!) but not sure what they were have been de-mystified for me in your videos (machaca) and I cannot even begin to tell you how it is changing my experience. I have gone to local fruterias searching for banana leaves and avocado leaves without success but i have found mex oregano and chiles (pasillo and ancho so far) that I will purchase closer to my departure date and plan to freeze once i am home (yes or no?). Having fun now buying stuff i have learned about in your videos! And wandering the streets in my little mexican neighborhoods is a lot less daunting than it was a week ago. There’s soooo much deliciousness here.

    EDWIN SANTOS says:

    Made this, the only thing I would do differently was I didn't cut the kale small enough so when I took a bite the kale dragged my filling out with it. Lol but delicious none the less.

  3. Marcotic187
    Marcotic187 says:

    People are getting caught up with the canned beans and the sugar…look at the big picture and make it your own. Going to make this today. Thanks for the recipe, Rick. 🙂

  4. A Konnoisseur
    A Konnoisseur says:

    Hey Rick, huge fan here, thanks for another great recipe! I realize you were probably using canned beans for ease and accessibility, and I use them all the time too of course, but you should try out Rancho Gordo beans if you haven't already. I am amazed at how rich and flavorful their beans are and they really set off the dish, especially when they are a main focal point like they are in this recipe. I'd love to see some more bean recipes!

  5. Brett Jones
    Brett Jones says:

    Thanks for the video, Rick! Can you do the viewers a tiny little favor? Can you boost your microphone levels a bit – or normalize that with the music you add? Your voice is pretty low so I turn up the volume – then I get hit loudly with the additional music. ¡Gracias!


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