Gordon Ramsay Makes a Sticky Toffee Pudding in a Microwave?!? | Ramsay in 10


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That’s right…..Chef Mike, Microwayve, Microwave, whatever you call it is being used to make a delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding in just 10 minutes. With this …
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  1. Duo Maxwell
    Duo Maxwell says:

    I think I get why he hates Chef Mike on Kitchen Nightmares:

    Why go to a restaurant that uses something people can use at home instead? Chef Mike the microwave is a HOME product, not a restaurant product. Using one in a restaurant cheapens the food reheating it there. No effort was made.

    Here, for home, effort WAS made here. That's why.

  2. Carson Darby
    Carson Darby says:

    I've never actually heard of creme fraiche until Gordon Ramsay, and I've begun to notice he uses it very often in a multitude of dishes. Someone, with better cooking skills than I, please explain the importance of creme fraiche, haha. To better help an upcoming future chef 🙂

  3. Candace Benson
    Candace Benson says:

    I have spent thousands of dollars in your restaurants around the USA (Vegas being the largest @ $900 for two people. I have been a follower from all of your tv shows and cooking videos for years! This is by far the worst advice. Using a microwave??? This is one of your taboos!! Are you now complying with the media? You don’t need that! Stop complying or I (as many others, etc) will comply orme44k9mg |}(truthfull thindge

  4. J Kay
    J Kay says:

    Okay Mr Chef Gordon ramsay, the way the microwave heats the food is unnatural. You won't find this technique being used in nature. And nature a simple fire and cookware the natural way of cooking anything. So I reject this video and you should have stuck to your convictions never using a microwave and being authentic but I never using one. Now you're back pedaling and endorsing them? Looks like the challenge here is for me to be the best chef in the world, and to beat you in a cook-off.


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