gluten free people dont listen

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  1. Chukwu
    Chukwu says:

    How tf does a chef find out? Couldn’t someone have mild allergies to something? In the end of the day who cares I doubt any chef is peanut in a dish for someone says they’re allergic to even if they feel like they’re lying

  2. Pierce C
    Pierce C says:

    Appreciate that dude
    I explain for those that don't know
    I have a whey protein allergy that means no milk, creamy sauces and cheese
    Trust me I know how good milk is in food but I don't feel like being in absolute pain for hours 🙏👍

  3. koofer koo
    koofer koo says:

    I have several allergies, a deadly shellfish one, a milk allergy (as well as all milk derived products) and a soy allergy. This nicely covers 90% of cooked dishes I can buy in my town, but the milk and soy allergies are thankfully mild so I tend to just go out and eat them anyway. But, sometimes I'll mention it offhand that I'm actually allergic to the wait staff and I wonder if this is the type of stuff they think in that case. To be clear, I am allergic and anytime I drink or eat milk/soy products I get sick after a few hours.

    On the other hand I totally empathize with the chefs, I love to cook and did food safety training for jobs I've worked in the past. You need to take that stuff so seriously or you could risk killing someone. It makes me very angry to see people slacking or lying about this, so I'm glad to hear that you take it seriously.

    Honestly, learning I have a deadly shellfish allergy made me realize just how much more seriously I should treat food allergies and dietary preferences.

  4. Miss Kate
    Miss Kate says:

    This just you repeating the same thing. That you can call ppl with celiac disease liars bc some people are dishonest, or maybe just don’t want to give you a full medical history before they sit down at a restaurant. That’s what you said in the last video.

    Like, I did not spend the last three days in the bathroom while my intestines tried to escape my body because of a fad.

    And perpetuating the stereotype that ppl like me are just faking to be cool causes REAL harm, whether or not YOU are careful in the kitchen, because people who listen to you won’t be as careful.

    But I guess you got the views, or whatever, you got the cool points, you look good in front of the other food YouTubers. Good job.

  5. NXRTH
    NXRTH says:

    Just take there word for it either way, I don't think it's worth potentially killing someone just because you think they are lying about an allergy. What's the point in that.

  6. Julian Segall
    Julian Segall says:

    I'm a chef and I've got a friend I used to work with that has a horrible gluten allergy, if their is flour in the air her lungs will close and she can't breath, I've also worked in restraints where it's clear their not gluten free, because they'll ask for gluten free bread, and gluten free beer batter for their fiddle head ferns, but then take from their friends dishes that have gluten them, and they'll want out just fine.

  7. MechanicalMonk
    MechanicalMonk says:

    It's almost like titling a video "Gluten free people are liars" while meaning something else only to then say a bunch of BS in your video so you can drive engagement will ruffle a few feathers.

    Don't recommend channel it is then

  8. TeamGreen11
    TeamGreen11 says:

    Listen it’s just weird to define someone else’s dietary experience. Gluten sensitive people want to avoid gluten in large quantities and it’s easier to just say I’m allergic than to explain I have a leaky gut and am sensitive. It’s weird to conclude people won’t take it seriously if this continues. But I’m not a chef I’m a person with gluten sensitivity so I’m just representing that perspective, respectfully.

  9. Andi
    Andi says:

    Yes! I have diagnosed Celiac Disease. My friend is on a keto diet. She has been saying she has "Celiacs" bc gluten is harmful. My coworker says she has a gluten allergy and continues to eat it as it suits her with no symptoms. I want to scream.
    This behavior makes people look at us and think we aren't harmed by it and it's just a fad diet to us too. It's Celiac not Celiacs, it isn't an allergy (but we often call it this for simplicity and to convey it harms us) It's an autoimmune disease with very real and long term consequences. I'm so sick of this behavior. A lot of us won't even touch a restaurant for fear of cross contamination.
    And I won't even get started on the frustration of seeking GF foods, but the fad dieters scoop them off the shelves so quickly that it's hard for people that medically need it to buy at times.
    I do acknowledge Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance. It's legit.
    Bottom line, if you want to cut out gluten then by all means, but don't hoard the products & STOP lying claiming health issues when you clearly don't have any. I will celebrate the day this fad ends.

  10. Mark Adams
    Mark Adams says:

    If you have a food allergy it is your job to make sure you don't eat that food, not the cooks. If your food allergy is so severe that you have to have ridiculously complex instructions on how to prepare your food then don't put that on some random cook do it yourself and do it at home

  11. Equilibria
    Equilibria says:

    Gluten Intolerances can be just as bad as coeliac disease. Because gluten is added to everything packaged.

    It's a binder, preservative and thickener. The reason it's added to everything is because it has no flavor/detectable taste. So it doesn't distract from the flavor of the product.
    So the whole people dont want it because of the taste is untrue.

    Unfortunately, intolerances are accumulative. They build up over time. Giving you symptoms like a full blown allergy., and can eventually develop into an allergy.

    Symptoms can include Itching bloating, gas, it can strip your stomach of its acids affecting your digestion…and the list goes on.

    Products that gluten is added to is Bread: the kind you can squish into a dough ball. (That's added gluten). Takes a long time to grow mold or biodegrade…thats gluten.

    Milk. Do you know why your milk is 1.99 for a gallon and lasts forever because it's watered down and gluten is added.

    Gluten also comes packaged with a skull and crossbone warning. Because they know its toxic in high doses.


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