Fully Equip Your Dream Kitchen For $300!

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  1. @captnshrms
    @captnshrms says:

    You don't seem like the bougie type, I'm surprised you use a le cruset, when you can get the crock pot dutch oven of a near identical design, it just fixes the basic things wrong with the le cruset like having a basting lid. It's also like $60-80. I recently re-gifted a le cruset and kept my superior crock pot version. (It's an enameled cast iron Dutch oven, just happens to be crock pot brand)

  2. @lawrenceragnarok1186
    @lawrenceragnarok1186 says:

    You're not wrong about those lil Kuhn rikon peelers. I still have the same one I've had since I worked at the Francis Ford Coppola winery back in 2011. As long as you don't put it in the dishwasher and wipe the blade dry after every use it will cut forever.

  3. @lawrenceragnarok1186
    @lawrenceragnarok1186 says:

    Oh man I hate to say but I've worked in so many kitchens that have what once we're non stick pans that the Teflon has been almost completely scrubbed and scratched out yet it's still in service. I always secretly throw those away when I find them but it makes me sad how few cooks understand how dangerous using those when damaged is.

  4. @SaturninePlaces
    @SaturninePlaces says:

    I have that exact dutch oven in that exact color! Works pretty well alongside my 1 saucepan and 1 stainless steel pan, and I cook everything in one of the three. I'll take a look at the Winco pan given how many foods are just simpler in a nonstick.

  5. @bricklayerpayne
    @bricklayerpayne says:

    We have two large stainless steel mixing bowls that get used multiple times a day in the kitchen. If you asked a beginning home cook if he'd anticipate needing bowls like that he'd probably doubt it. But they're among the most useful part of the lineup. Great video chef!

  6. @kencase2179
    @kencase2179 says:

    Thanks Brian! Even though I have an established kitchen, there are some items that you use that I would like to have. Quick question, who makes your denim apron? Looking forward to the next video.

  7. @missmoo5621
    @missmoo5621 says:

    I'm a little late but this is why Brian is THE cooking channel for me. You make recipe videos and you want people to cook them, not just to show off or go viral, but to get people to cook them, and you help people to make sure they're able to cook all of them. I feel like many other cooking channels are just trying to show off their stuff and couldn't care less if you're making it or not. Your channel feels so much more like "I've found or invented some great recipes, try them out, I'd love you to have it too!" Also with your videos where you have a version 2.0 or so of recipes because you've found ways to fine tune and make them better, you show that even the pro chef who now has a successful channel can still learn and grow. Honestly love this channel so much.

  8. @juicedsky688
    @juicedsky688 says:

    Hypothetical. i’m moving out into a little studio apartment all by myself like a dorm and there’s absolutely nothing 300 sounds good except I don’t yet have a fridge an induction top, toaster stove, a microwave or blender. to add a sous vide. but we’re already past 500 just for the non-utensil utilities.

    If you had to pick one of these, which would you choose: induction top, convection toaster, or microwave . I’ll even let you put sous vide in there as your fourth choose from option.

    I’m assuming you have to have a fridge, and it’s a shame you can’t afford a freezer. You can get a blender for under $20. That’ll turn frozen fruit in to smoothies next month.

  9. @WillShattuck
    @WillShattuck says:

    This is a video I didn’t know I needed to watch, but I’m glad I found. I have every single item that you have mentioned in this video. It is great to know that I have accumulated them over the years in the same configuration that you have. But I think I have a few more items of that I should.😊

  10. @trevors7809
    @trevors7809 says:

    When I got rid of my nonstick pans my cholesterol went down. I know it's not fully possible to avoid PFSA, these forever chemicals are in every living thing on the planet at this point, but if you can avoid them, it's worth it.

  11. @shehwarkhan6726
    @shehwarkhan6726 says:

    Please do not recommend plastics especially cutting boards to people!
    Cutting on plastics introduces microplastics in our food and causes tons of harm! Educate yourself before informing/recommending things to others!

  12. @johndavis5654
    @johndavis5654 says:

    You need a big strainer and a small strainer . Also a non stick sauce pan. And what about baking stuff? And. A food processor and blender. I think atks capsule kitchen episode is more practical

  13. @bored_pyro
    @bored_pyro says:

    This video is pure gold. I've well since moved past needing the content but for anyone looking to start a home kitchen, this is about as content dense as you can get!

  14. @mrkattm
    @mrkattm says:

    All well and good but what if I want to show off? I have some money but not an infinite amount, what are you top end recommendation? I also don't have infinite space so I can't have everything.

  15. @Limbo08
    @Limbo08 says:

    Note about a digital scale: always go for the one with actual clickable buttons, not the digital/touch buttons. When you're wet, greasy etc in the kitchen it can be impossible to press a digital or touch button which is just the worst. So always look for actual buttons on your scale

  16. @patrickr9716
    @patrickr9716 says:

    Personally, I think its worth shelling out the extra 20 bucks and getting the victorinox chef knife over the dexter. I found the dexter steel to dull quickly, be difficult to sharpen, and cut poorly overall. I found myself reaching for my small 6in victorninox knife for every task in the kitchen, even ones it was way to small for. I realized then, it was time to upgrade.


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