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Today I’m sharing a full day of food for our family of seven! We have oatmeal for breakfast, some yummy leftovers for lunch, and some delicious butternut squash …
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  1. RokSimmer (gal4God)
    RokSimmer (gal4God) says:

    Taco salad 4 lunch sounds awesome!!! We are vegetarian yet never but beans and squash together. That soup looks awesome, we would put more beans in and veggie broth. We love spinach and have in a juice. We love spice as well. I put peppermint syrup in my coffee. My daughter won’t tho as she thinks it will taste like toothpaste. Pre teens are honest. Lol

  2. Tereza
    Tereza says:

    Looks good! Did the kids end up liking it? Could you do a video on your workout routine at home? I've recently been transitioning to home workouts instead of the gym so am looking for ideas that are easy to do without a bunch of equipment also need motivation to stick to it at home. Its so much easier to stick to when you go to the gym because that is all you can do there and the housework isn't calling your name:)

  3. Mixed Bag
    Mixed Bag says:

    We’re loving soups too! I recently made a cheeseburger soup and it was amazing. It was basically just a potato bacon soup with some chopped pickle and ground beef. So good


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