Full day of eating Keto on a cruise | 2023 Low carb cruise | Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas

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  1. Nona Cee
    Nona Cee says:

    You let the ship know of your dietary requirements before you board and as soon as you board you see the Maitre d to talk it through. I actually have my list printed out for the chef. It includes the inflammatory oils and what they could replace it with, also no grains, starches, sugars, followed by what I can consume. They are very obliging and bend over backwards to cater to all dietary needs. They actually have a speciality kitchen to service all those with requirements. No waste, no temptation, no hassle.☕🦐

  2. Andi Dwyer
    Andi Dwyer says:

    Rachel is crying, I’m crying. We went on a cruise in 2019 and it was tiny compared to your cabin. I’m so glad you are having such a a great time. Major fomo going on.

  3. Jennifer Glenn
    Jennifer Glenn says:

    Happy Anniversary! So excited for you and your cruise experience! Don't worry about ordering your food special. They are wonderful about meeting your needs! Love cruising!!! Have a wonderful time!!

  4. cary chiasson
    cary chiasson says:

    You know that the little snail bought a really fast sports car, he paints a big S on it, then gets in and blast past the neighborhood. People look and say wow look at the S-Car-Go


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