Friday night live trying hot sauce which didn't go down too well

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Friday night live.

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  1. muzikman2008
    muzikman2008 says:

    Wouldn't want to get that in your eyes lol… why do people eat red hot chilies?.. I like them, but not crazily strong that im gonna be sick lol 🤣 fair play to ya Gaz.

  2. leah carpenter
    leah carpenter says:

    Can’t stop buying that Dinomo cider at 7.8 % coz it’s so cheaper than cider I’m only a year from 50 yrs old so no longer red red wine..
    I ownly bact eat late and own Leah can eat early and drink rest of a Dorris r Borris day🤣🙈🍷👍😎

  3. leah carpenter
    leah carpenter says:

    Why? Coz Going cold sober is always farm foods for worse me wether spoons it’s my Dhofar him and me having to spend my days off spending it working it for my twice my age age hi cloud drink ging him alll Boris his days f the wether it’s cold Turkey or energy costs for me getting back to work

  4. Far-Left Bully
    Far-Left Bully says:

    So…this is the infamous Hot Sauce video that I missed.

    It's not the same when your not watching a live video on playback, especially knowing that I can't engage in the live chat.

    But this will keep me entertained during my toilet breaks (not all Toilet breaks, only certain kinds).

  5. Phil Bachmann
    Phil Bachmann says:

    I've found dark chocolate to cool your mouth.
    Some people have raw cucumber, chance to get some veg. I've used both depending on my mood… Beer after. 👍🇦🇺🇬🇧

  6. Jim Herd
    Jim Herd says:

    I fast forwarded to the painful part;). You should have gallons of lassi on standby for these things. I won’t be trying anything like that. Ever. I know to avoid them all;).


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