Freezer Meals & Desserts! 5 recipes

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Get the recipes here: The soup: The Pastitsio: …

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  1. Zena G
    Zena G says:

    Dimitra pes mou, I see you used olive oil for the bechamel sauce, all my life we used butter . Is there a difference in the taste with the olive oil ? Do you taste the olive oil in the bechamel? Which do you like using better oil or butter ? Thank you 🙏🏼

  2. Mimi McGee
    Mimi McGee says:

    I just discovered you and you’re so great! I really love that you put your videos in organized playlists! It makes it so easy to just watch one after another! My fav is the vegetarian playlist!

  3. Tanya Vav
    Tanya Vav says:

    TY sweet Dimitroula mou! I love freezer-safe meals and desserts I did the dessert ones with the chocolate ganache with ground pistachios The other one I did it in cookie butter rolls. I did them both in mini rolls with chocolate ganache and pistachios and the cookie butter because I hate wasting phyllo. Sadly I didn't try them yet..


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