FOOD PREP FOR THE WEEK! Lentil Tacos & roasted veggie bowls

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Welcome to another meal prep video! This week I made lentil taco filling in the instant pot and we made tacos/ lettuce wraps all …

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  1. Renee Elich
    Renee Elich says:

    I prepped tacos too for this week, though I did spiced pecan crumbles for the protein not lentils. I never thought to steam beets in the instapot with the skin on and everything

  2. Aleksja
    Aleksja says:

    The young, leafy parts of beets are edible too, and delicious 🙂 You can cook them similarly as collard greens, or spinach. These are great in soups (with dill and potatoes), or in stir fry (with tofu, spring onions, seasme and rice noodles), or in veggie quiche.


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