Food Bank Haul 3/15/22 – Stocking Up for the Unknown and Delicious Bread Pudding

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  1. Janet Nelson
    Janet Nelson says:

    Save your lamb for Easter. Roast and glaze it with pineapple or peach jam in the last 45 minutes. I am not a fan of mint sauce, and the fruit jam gives it a nice flavor. Makes a wonderful traditional Easter Sunday dinner. There are many roasting recipes online. When your cilantro is at its end of shelf life, freeze it in a baggy to use later. I have about 30 pounds of flour on hand. I ordered some powdered cheese from Amazon and waiting for it to come. It will be fun to try out. I bought white cheddar and cheese sauce powder for casseroles. I use powdered butter milk for baking and that will be the next item I buy. I will keep it in the freezer for long term storage.

    Happy Birthday. 🎂🍋

  2. Rosemary Davis
    Rosemary Davis says:

    I made lam like that for a big crowd. I would butterfly it n marinate in olive oil n rosemary. Then pat down with paper towel n roastn serve with mint sauce. If that piece is too big cut it in half.

  3. Joy Welsh
    Joy Welsh says:

    Tell me again how to make that caramel sauce? That looks scrumptious! I make bread pudding all the time but we usually just add ice cream. The caramel sauce looks way more decadent! Yum!

  4. Karyn Gordon
    Karyn Gordon says:

    That cilantro is good in anything mexican. If you have any avocados, it's especially good in guacamole. I'd just roast that whole leg of lamb. If there are any leftovers, you can make a shepherd's pie. That bread pudding looks delicious!

  5. Angela Fleming
    Angela Fleming says:

    Those bagels look yummy. I am stocking up on all my flours. I probably have 40 pounds of flour but tomorrow I am stocking up on bread flour, sugar, and oil. I am trying to make sure I can make bread if I need too I am thinking about making a sourdough starter I am just not confident in my skills it seems scientific. But I am going to try. I really miss Albertsons it was my favorite store when I lived in California that chicken is definitely expensive I am not a lamb fan I bought some one time by accident I thought I was buying steak I was sadly disappointed and nobody in my house liked it. Great job mama Baird.


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