Flowerpot B1 Baller Head (BALLEATER) // D^bs through BALLS!?! ++ Hot Rod SELLS OUT UPDATE


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  1. Graeme Bourke
    Graeme Bourke says:

    You’re the first person I’ve heard mention the inhale speed and vapour density to air ratio making you cough more. That’s how I feel with the sticky bricks, when you hit the sweet spot and get thick vapour it isn’t harsh, but if you don’t hit it right you just inhale hot butane and wispy vapour, and it makes you cough like a mad thing !!

  2. Eston Hensley
    Eston Hensley says:

    Hey Troy, do you by chance have a lift innovations grinder? If so would you part ways with it? The company won’t respond and I’d im trying to find someone to sell me theirs after mine was stolen, if so please lmk and I’ll give some form of contact, thank you

  3. chillmike
    chillmike says:

    Damn… You had the same idea that I had with ball dabbage… I have been designing my own desktop ball injector vape and this concept is incorporated into the design… Was actually going to try it myself once I had my own Balleater eventually… Great minds think alike! Such a good video and I've been wondering how the balleater held up in comparison… Thanks again Troy, for showing us all in the community the answers we need… And yeah, I think you need 3mm, cuz that's probably gonna be a better restriction on it and won't be too open… But yeah – I think they need to make a better top than just being screened. I think they should have either a few holes in a circle in the middle at the top, similar to the baller nut, or just one larger hole the diameter size of that nut and guarantee that solves the airflow issue.


    Troy make up some stickers with your logo and The Troy and Jerry stickers! I’d gladly buy 10 of them, even at $5 per sticker! I’m a sticker guy and plenty of STONERS ARE ! STICKERS ON MY STASH AND EQUIPMENT BOXES IS MY THING!


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