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Fish Biryani – Recipe Ingredients: #FishBiryani #biryanirecipe #briyani for marination Seer Fish – 1 Kg Turmeric powder – 1 tsp Chili powder – 2 tsp Salt – 2 tsp for …
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  1. Roody Ahaj
    Roody Ahaj says:


    ساوي سمك برياني

    شوو رايك يا عمري.

    نساويلن سمك برياني

    هيك خفيف

    مع الكباب و الدجاج و ورق العنب.

    شووو بتحب انت.

    شووو رايك.

    ايه الغداء لازم.

  2. Jayendra Patel
    Jayendra Patel says:

    Wow… Amazing… Delicious… Sorry but this is speechless… I & my family never eat the fish Biryani.. this is first.. & this is best… Amazing… Fantastic… delicious…..
    Thank u so much Ma'am…
    Actually we came to Kerala but we can't fill the fish with rice test in Hotel… We missing test in Kerala..
    That's..Today it's fulfilled.. thank you so much for this we missing Kerala… 🙏 🙏


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