Father's Day Cook with Dak Prescott and his Dad – Crawfish Boil

Father's Day Cook with Dak Prescott and his Dad – Crawfish Boil

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I’ve been boiling crawfish for over 25 years. Cooking crawfish is how I got my start in outdoor cooking. When I was first invited to a …

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  1. @midwest1228
    @midwest1228 says:

    Well there is no "on the fence" about the Dallas Cowboys.. You either love or hate them! I hate them.. Still.. Very cool video and if I got the chance to do a video with the QB from my team.. It would be one of the coolest moments of my life.
    Thank you for all you do. I love crawfish, but never would attempt to actually cook.. Guys like you, Malcom Reed, Stale cracker, Heath Riles, and many others… Make it possible

  2. @russellwright9961
    @russellwright9961 says:

    Super Cool video content! 🔥This video further confirms how bad the crawfish 🦞 season was in Louisiana after the record hot Summer we had last year! No one wanted to pay the high prices for live crawfish! 🦞

  3. @mannvsfood
    @mannvsfood says:

    How heavy is one of those bags, I know they sell by the pound and curious to know. Never done a boil but a bunch of friends want to do one next year and trying to figure out how many pounds. One of those bags looks perfect.

  4. @rytiski
    @rytiski says:

    They good when the backs are turned and thumbs go up without any words. Ol Yum Yum Elliott had to come in at the end for the cam (Did you get that?). Let's go Dakota!

  5. @williamh192
    @williamh192 says:

    Love me Some southern FOOD ! Crawfish ? Not so much . Remember my oldest coming home from the Army with his buddies and wanted to cook me some southern food , WOOOeeee ! THAT SHIT WAS HOT !!! i Asked the men what the hell is in this chit ? As my eyes were crying and told me nothing pops , just the crawdads . Be for warned ! LOL .


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