Family of 12 in NYC ❤️🗽 Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery! A yummy adventure 🥐 #dayinthelife

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Our (Rainy) Sunday afternoon in NYC! We always try to do something fun after church because its hard to find a day especially …

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  1. Roselyn Calica
    Roselyn Calica says:

    Hi @thehappycaravan family, as usual enjoyed watching your family adventure to the streets of NYC 🌹
    Did Enoch had a new hair cut? Looks good on him (my favourite) and Melody🌹, she's a doll, looioooove her…..
    Be blessed de la Motte family and Mommy Amber praying for a safe delivery for baby #11 (for a bouncing & healthy baby as well 😇)

    from your avid fan here in Philippines 🇵🇭

  2. tangodaze
    tangodaze says:

    Amidst all the chaos and tensions of the world around us I come to this sweetness, kindness, connectedness and I can finally fall asleep peacefully..THANK YOU❤
    I was in NYC last weekend and secretly hoped to run into you, but we were staying across from the Lincoln Center, so far away from you, I think..NY is an amazing city, so much to discover on daily basis…! Oh, we walked into Juilliard, every moment was memorable…
    I love Pearl’s playing, I’m a violist myself, she’ll go far..
    Blessings on the beauty of your Family!!! ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏


    Hi lovely Amber Marc and kiddo's Where are you all off to in the rain. 🌧Guessing you all want too test out your umbrellas. Its a great time to use them. ☔☔ WE do need 12 more umbrella's don't we. But' Rain. Snow, Hurricanes and Tornados can not stop the De la Motte family to explore NYC. Mama leading the her Troops. Awww poor sweet Melody her hair OMG those curly curls getting wet. Guys you need rain Gear for this kind of weather, but the Troop forage on to their destination. Sweet Anna keeping her long beautiful lox so dry and no Frizzes. Its Amazing! Amber loving your green Hat Lol. Finally at church where they can pray and dry off. Jesus loves you all. But he would not come out in the Rain. Nope not even on Sundays!! 😁 Hi Sweet Naomi love your dress. Melody woke up 3:59 Hahha Melody I love you sweet pea. She's a fun little sweetheart. Moses has the umbrella now, I'm not going to get wet. I love how all you guys share each others cookies these kids are not selfish at all loving caring sibling's. Naomi smells rum '' WOW'' ideas are knocking maybe she'll make a chocolate rum cake or rum cupcakes what ever she makes they will be delicious. She comes up with good desserts. Well off to the kitchen to experiment on her recipe. Where's sweet Pearl we seen her at church, then she disappeared. its always happens. THE girl must be part Magician. 😁 Monkey bread for little monkey Melody. Chloe you're to funny it had monkey in the bread. Hahaha. Guys hope you all had fun in the rain I know I did watching you all get wet. Hahahaha. Peace Love and sweet Blessings. 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Laura M
    Laura M says:

    Hi Amber and Marc and the kids. Sending blessing to you all.
    Amber can you talk about your pregnancy and how you feeling and when you are due. Such a true blessing. I also want to say I love Mars smiles now he seems so content and much more relaxed. I hope he enjoys his new job! I always dreamed to have a big family, but God had other plans. One special miracle daughter.
    Thank you, for taking us with you and sharing all the sights and the awesome sweets you had! God bless

  5. Natural & Simple Living
    Natural & Simple Living says:

    Aw, I love your Sunday vlogs! All I can say is Yum!! All the treats looked terrific! I thought of you and your last shopping Haul at Trader Joe’s; our store was packed on Sunday, and they ran out of things, but not as severe as yours. I remember seeing the video your husband took, and before I walked in, I showed my husband that clip, and we braced ourselves for out-of-stock items, haha! Trader Joe’s is a popular place. Our store had a lot of Fall items gone.😢 Sending love from Wisconsin!🫶

  6. Babs S
    Babs S says:

    Damn, I like my monkey bread to be made with real monkey. Just like I want my Girl Scout cookies to be made from real Girl Scouts.
    Love you Amber but lose that green hat

  7. Tina Marie
    Tina Marie says:

    Little Melody has the prettiest color of hair , not as red as Naomi but a beautiful “auburn ish”color. Is Moses hair similar in color too? All your children are precious gifts from God

  8. Debra Ridpath
    Debra Ridpath says:

    These kids share so well. My brother and I would have killed each other before we shared. Thankfully we grew out of that after we became adults! Love watching your videos! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Bondi Crafter
    Bondi Crafter says:

    Wogies 😁. Here in Oz, a wogie is disgusting. Its the yuck that comes out of the nose when a child has a heavy cold and/or a new immigrant. Words and there attached meanings in different countries.
    You all get to sample fun experiences together. You have a Happy Caravan

  10. Karol Rust
    Karol Rust says:

    I love how your family makes the most out of every outing together!!❤ Your children are so willing to share with each other and help out with the little ones. Naomi's singing to Moses is just precious 💕

  11. Mimsab
    Mimsab says:

    My family and I used to live in Queens, NY and one of our favorite bakeries is Veniero's in the East Village! Every time we go back to NYC we visit it! You will have to try it would be so fun to see the video!

  12. Vera Shular
    Vera Shular says:

    I visited New York a few years ago with my children and my sister and friends for a bachelorette party. There is no way I would ever want to live in New York New York. I wanted to ride a Subway as I have never done that. I commend you for keeping up with 10 kids riding on the subway. We found the city a dirty place to live. At night garbage is piled on the sidewalks and those vents that are in the sidewalks soon we're from the sewers below and they stunk terribly. It is a too busy City for me to live in. I live in the South for life is a laid back lifestyle. My sister and I took one of those excursions buses around the city and that was so much fun. We did visit the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller center and Central Park a little bit. I would like to visit again in a way to see a good Broadway show and visit the big museum there.

  13. Jaggy Thistle
    Jaggy Thistle says:

    The cakes look scrumdidikyumchious best thing as a treat after church. I have to walk past bakeries fast otherwise my diabetes will not be happy with me so top tip for folks like me take your dog with you when your tempted by a bakery the no dog sign = diet 😊. Mozes is growing big now


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