Family Guy “Every Pizza Place Salad”

Family Guy “Every Pizza Place Salad”

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Funny Stuff.

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  1. @TheLuckyOne-rg4vk
    @TheLuckyOne-rg4vk says:

    I can't imagine getting salads from pizza places often enough (or knowing enough people who do) to figure out this is a common experience. But I suspect it may've been something he noticed if he often arranged for delivery/catering at the studio, since you typically order a bit of everything for a larger group. I remember a friend ordering a salad once and it literally did come with the nub. 🤣 At least it hasn't just happened to him.

  2. @ApexGale
    @ApexGale says:

    anyone who orders salad from a pizza place deserves this for ordering a damn from a pizza place

    it takes 5 minutes to make your own salad and it's 100% cheaper as well

  3. @phorchybug3286
    @phorchybug3286 says:

    Guy 1: and make sure to add mustard and ranch.
    Guy 2: but what if our customer hates mustard and ranch?
    Guy 1: (beep) the customer. Condiments are obligatory. This is a pizza place, not a family house hold.

  4. @gantashiro978
    @gantashiro978 says:

    Oh god after seeing this I looked up salad at Pizza places and it turned out to be true lol! They throwing in whole olives and those tomato chunks are way too big 😅

  5. @animegamesmoviesandotherst3037
    @animegamesmoviesandotherst3037 says:

    They should have also put in this.

    "Now give them just four of the smallest croutons we have for the whole salad, and have them at the bottom of the lasagna tray covored by all the wet veges we did not drain right."

    "Won't that make them hard to find and soggy?"

    "No its like treasure hunt, and they love soggy croutons."

  6. @MikeJ2023
    @MikeJ2023 says:

    I was in NYC with my girlfriend and we went to this hole in the wall NYC pizzeria the real greasy slices that you fold and eat while your walking kind of pizza slice. my girlfriend ordered a salad and the guy in the pizzeria laughed in her face. It was awesome. The real New York City experience. Even though we live 27 miles away apparently she didn’t realize that New York City pizzerias don’t serve salad.


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