FALL MEAL PREP | Easy & Healthy Recipes: Dinner, Dessert & Quick Snacks!

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Fall meal prep with me! easy healthy recipes dinner, dessert & quick snacks! I hope you enjoy cooking and baking with me …

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  1. Sarah Forrest
    Sarah Forrest says:

    Hello! Absolutely adore your channel and your message and all the positivity you bring to YouTube! When you’re making bone broth, throw the entire veg in the pot- no need to throw away the scraps- they work perfectly in a bone broth! I actually save all my scraps of onions, carrot and celery (and even things like parsley stems) from making other recipes in the freezer so I have a ton of veggies ready to throw in when I make bone broth. Enjoy!

  2. Rachel Keifer
    Rachel Keifer says:

    This made me so hungry! I really want to make the soup, but we don’t have a good blender right now. 😭
    The donuts look so incredible! Do you think they would work well with regular flour too?


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