EVERYTHING McDonalds in Puerto Rico

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We tried all the Puerto Rico exclusive menu items at McDonalds and were surprised to find mozzarella sticks, chocolate ice cream …

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  1. citypop
    citypop says:

    JP's stand-up set was really bad, sadly. It was mostly tired Asian stereotype jokes and bits that began and ended with them even if they made no comedic sense.

  2. Dawn Kelly
    Dawn Kelly says:

    England has wraps chicken selects and mozzarella stick and McFlurry just not the chocolate ice cream but do have a vanilla cone but I see loads of stuff on other menus i with ours had it’s allways the way

  3. Nathan Skyers
    Nathan Skyers says:

    Imagine if McDonald’s actually bring those chicken seasonal tenders to Canada they might have to purge those old chicken nuggets instead, cause they have no flavour. But the spicy chicken nuggets were better!


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