Episode 21: Teaching, No Well Water, Contra Dancing and Catching Beavers

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This week Al, Ben and Jason talk about their week! Talking about Butcher classes, Dried up well water, contra dancing, beaver …

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  1. Kathleen Overton
    Kathleen Overton says:

    There’s a contra dancing group here where I live. You just show up and join in. When my kids were younger (they re adults now) we would often join in with those groups. Pretty much during the colder weather. Gave us something to do outside the house on dark cold evenings. Contra dancing is very fun, repetitive steps for each dance so easy to learn, memorize, then show off your dancing! Kids were always welcome to join in. A great exercise!

  2. Guy Grotke
    Guy Grotke says:

    Your tags limit the number of deer you can take, but if you need to thin the herd more you can always let your neighbors hunt your land. Jason: You need to move back a little more. It looks like you have a giant head, compared to Ben and Al.

  3. JoAnn Mahaffey
    JoAnn Mahaffey says:

    Jason your 'bene' is called a torque in Canada and many of the border states. In Ohio they are called a toboggan (another French word). All are valid names. Just depends on where you live.

  4. Wild Hope Homestead
    Wild Hope Homestead says:

    Great chat, guys! In New Zealand we call winter hats 'beanies'. Shepherd's pie is usually made with beef mince (probably because it's cheaper) and sometimes with veggies added. I can't handle peas either. 😉

  5. Scarlet
    Scarlet says:

    Don’t throw away the pork intestines. They’re great fried. Check out “Chicharon Bulaklak” from the Philippines. Pig brain and pig face you can make Sisig. 😅

  6. Terri Hinton
    Terri Hinton says:

    Okay men,another great podcast, so I live in Jackson Michigan 64yrs.so far we have always called a long sled for the snow a toboggan.the hat we where in winter is called a stocking cap only.a beany is what you where to protect your hair under a welding helmet its almost handkerchief like material its called a beany.now I watch all three of you on Facebook, YouTube both and each of your videos is very good I'm always learning something new, and I no I'm just an old city girl now,but I grew up on a small farm (inside the city ) and our parents processed our animals,not pets.so I'm a small amount acquainted to this life,and I did have 9 brothers that fought me so much ,they are all gone now,so y'all teach me now,I've been watching Ben about 6yrs,and you AL,Jason, I've been watching less than a year both.you three are amazing at the things you do. So thank you .I like the podcast as much as your videos. Stay safe please.

  7. Twisted Ponies
    Twisted Ponies says:

    I always enjoy these podcasts.
    In NW Fla people say toboggan when referring to knit hats. Being a long ago transplant I still say beanie also.
    It’s interesting hearing Jason talk about contra dancing. When we bought our place (20 years ago) there was a huge octagonal structure out in the front yard of the main house.
    It has half walls, and the upper walls are screened. We have always used it as an out door kitchen as it sits right in the river and has a great view.
    For a few weeks we were in the dark as to why the entire perimeter had these benches that can fold down flat against the wall…and there was a big ball hanging from the center of the ceiling with different colored lights sticking out from all sides. A subsequent conversation with our neighbor revealed that the structure had been used for contra dancing! I guess that monstrosity of colored lights was their version of a disco ball lol! Gotta love a place with character.
    Al, you should definitely make beaver chili, you would probably win the cook off bc of the unique flavor 😂😂
    Great video guys.
    Love watching all of your channels, too.

  8. Megan Hamlyn
    Megan Hamlyn says:

    In eastern Canada- we call it a touque. My shepherds pie is gravied beef, peas, carrots, mashed potatoes. We love our Can-am. We rode the back trails of Newfoundland for two summers. You won’t be disappointed!! Congrats on the successful class Ben

  9. Gary Silver
    Gary Silver says:

    I’ve found a use for peas, I feed them to my koi fish. Store bought koi food floats on top where as the peas sink to the bottom . Koi are carp and they are bottom feeders which makes them clean their pond.


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