Enchiladas de Barbacoa || Beef Enchiladas || RECIPE Video

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Ingredients Marinade: 2-2.5 Chuck roast 2 Guajillo chiles 1 Ancho chile 1/2 onion 1/4 apple cider vinegar 2 taps cumin seeds 2 …

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  1. Nick Sanchez
    Nick Sanchez says:

    this is my first video im seeing from your channel, great recipe, and i love the way you describe exactly what you like as youre tasting it. i would probably add chile de arbol to the sauce just cause i like extra spice but i will definitively be making this recipe

  2. Dee Chudy
    Dee Chudy says:

    That looks wonderful!! Thanks for the easy directions. I copied your recipe and plan to make this very soon. I’ll let you know how it turns out!💕

  3. Ronnie Broussard
    Ronnie Broussard says:

    Miss Josefina I have a request I wonder if you have ever eaten The El Cherito beef enchilada TV dinner. These enchiladas for me are the best enchiladas I have ever eaten anywhere from anyone. Walmart used to have them in my area but they stopped stocking them now there stocking hungry man and others but no longer El Cherito. What a shame,I have tried to duplicate them myself several times and have never come close to succeeding. I wonder if you have ever eaten them and if so could you try to duplicate it. They are so good that on YouTube they have reviewed them and gave them good ratings.

  4. Milton Jasso
    Milton Jasso says:

    Muy sabrosa la receta 🎉 !!!
    Me encanta la Barbacoa 🤤 😋 , muchas gracias por compartir con nosotros sus recetas y conocimientos 👍🏼😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!


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