Emotional breakdown after IVF diagnosis, slow cooker freezer meal prep + GOOD CHOP unboxing // DITL


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Hi everyone! Unfortunately my last iui didn’t work, so my fertility clinic gave me an IVF diagnosis. This was really emotional and upsetting for me, so this day in …
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  1. Boho Bookworm
    Boho Bookworm says:

    Also… congrats on the weight loss!! You're looking amazing!! I'm in the same boat at you in that I usually wear baggier clothing and cover myself up.. I've just started dating someone and I KNOW it sounds quite sexist but hes showing me to be more confident and wear clothes not hiding my body and I'm feeling really good. He took me shopping and I got this really sexy dress and we went walking through the streets of Belfast and literally be showed me how many heads turned…. I never really saw myself in that way. It was really special!!

  2. Boho Bookworm
    Boho Bookworm says:

    Oh gorgeous girl.. my heart absolutely shattered for you in this video. But please keep that stunning smile up and the positive mindset shining bright. You're going to be an incredible mother. When it happens all of this will all be worth it. I'm just so sorry to see you struggling so much because you're such a lovely person from the little I know from a screen. You're honestly in all of my thoughts and prayers for this to happen for you xxxx

  3. Alice In Wonderland
    Alice In Wonderland says:

    I'm so sorry you have to go through this, it's so unfair! I never had it as bad as you . It took Me six years to get pregnant and it was a miscarriage then I had my son. The happiest time of my life. Then we got pregnant again and another miscarriage, it was a boy. I was far enough along for them to tell me. Finally had my daughter and fell into post partum depression. I was done after that. We really go through alot as women. I hope you never feel alone! Sending so much love and prayers for that beautiful baby!

  4. sharon hill
    sharon hill says:

    Congratulations on the weight loss. Having been through IVF I know what you’re about to go through and yes it’s an emotional roller coaster. One piece of advice and it’s something I never did and wish I had. It’s to be kind to yourself and take time out for yourself. We tend to get so caught up with the process and there is so much to take in all at once that it truly does become overwhelming. That’s the time for you to take a step back and just have some “ME TIME”. I hope it goes goes well for both of you and you’re in my thoughts ❤️

  5. Dorinda Middleton
    Dorinda Middleton says:

    Oh sweetie! I’m praying for you guys. I have two good friends who had IVF. One has 13 year old triplets and the other two year old twins. Both were able to do this the first try. It is hard. No doubt. Once those babies are here, he will have to give up sleep, and time, and everything else a parent gives up. Seriously, moms are the ones who give up so much for their kids. Making another human being is a miracle. It’s like having an alien take over your body. However the perks are so worth it. Just remember, when they make a touchdown or home run on TV, they always say,”Hi Mom!”

  6. holly c
    holly c says:

    My heart is with y’all. I’ve never gone through infertility but I can just imagine the emotions. Just based on how emotional pregnancy is, to feel that way in the attempts to become pregnant must be brutal. You will make a wonderful mother and it will hopefully be with the first round. My prayers are with you. ❤️

  7. MegaMeli79
    MegaMeli79 says:

    You are such a considerate and nice person. To prepare all those meals for your SIL is so thoughtful and just really nice. You’re always doing things for others. You have such a big heart and it shows. We need more people like you in this world.

  8. berrynicexo
    berrynicexo says:

    I’m so sorry. I cried and cried for days when I got the IVF prescription after my 7th IUI failed. I thought there was no way in hell I’d be able to do it. I had my egg retrieval a month ago and I promise it’s not as bad as you think. The shots are doable and I am terrified of needles! You can do this! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. pet
    pet says:

    Oh Sweetie! I was crying with you. Will definitely keep you in my prayers. Nice to see you had a shoulder to cry on across the street. How did the lasagna turn out? I love the short set and going to buy a pair. WHat a nice sis in law you are to prep the meals….. my niece has two beautiful IVF children. Your hair looks great and wow, 10 lbs really shows!! 🙂

  10. Kendra Loves Books
    Kendra Loves Books says:

    Hi Jacquie I went through IVF in June if you want to talk I’m more than happy to let you know what I went through and the process I went through. Trust me it’s not as bad as you think I hate shots and I did it and miracles do happen.

  11. Nikki Johnston
    Nikki Johnston says:

    Oh Jacqui my heart broke watching you so upset, don't give up hope my sister went thru IVF successfully, then had her second child naturally originally they had been trying for over 10 yrs. Thinking of you stay strong and also love the loungewear set looked cute ❤

  12. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Sending lots of prayers and baby dust your way! I went through the IVF process in August 2020, and while it can be intimidating and overwhelming, it brought my husband and I closer together and we gave birth to our healthy baby boy in June. I hate needles, so we found it much easier for my husband to give the injections. Definitely ice beforehand! Some of the shots do sting, but others I couldn’t even feel. The egg retrieval process and embryo transfers were also both pretty painless. It’s an emotional process, but you discover that you are stronger than you realize ❤️ I wish you nothing but the best!

  13. Stacie May
    Stacie May says:

    Congrats on the weight loss (although you always look fantastic). Excited to hear about your vegan challenge! And as far as everything else goes…just know there are so many people thinking of you and sending you good vibes. Just know we see you, it sucks, wish I could do something to make it better but honestly….it's just shitty. Seeing you in that car getting upset hurts my heart, wish I could be there to give you a big ol hug, or hold your hand during the IVF stuff. Just know I'm sending you all the love!

  14. Teresa Norris
    Teresa Norris says:

    I know a family who is currently pregnant with their second set of IVF twins. They also have male infertility. It can happen. Hold hope. I also have a friend who chose adoption after their first successful pregnancy to grow their family, they now have 5 beautiful kids. I know it’s hard for it to take so long but I bet before long you will have your dreams come true one way or another.

  15. April Duncan
    April Duncan says:

    Girl I have been right where you are! It is soooo hard physically on the woman! I did two rounds of this. You can do the shots….there are lots of them but most are small! He has to do the big ones. And they can do the ixy procedure for him….to physically just put the sperm inside the egg! If you have any questions please ask….I am an open book when it comes to this. Unfortunately, neither of our ivf worked…. But I think you have huge chances! And you could always have multiples with this for your big family!!!!


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