Emeril's All New Pasta and Beyond!

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  1. Mike Rueger
    Mike Rueger says:

    Hey Emeril or should I say BUDDAH, your not rich enough and have to peddle cheap Chinese made labor cooking equipment and annoying constant infomercials. Your air fryer oven is a loud piece of crap that the sound is dubbed out so you can't hear it on TV. You should step away from doing these ads and step to the gym instead. 👎💰📺 ❎🍔🍖🍟🥞🥧

  2. Grace Asher
    Grace Asher says:

    When I saw this on tv the other night after ghost adventures my mouth dropped open. I’m saving for this. There’s no way I can go through life without this wowwwww!!

  3. M R Frolos Jr
    M R Frolos Jr says:

    For dessert going to be making a nice strawberry sorbet. Can't wait to play with this machine that will probably become my favorite kitchen appliance. Just to let you know we're going to be using carbquick to make the pasta as I'm on a keto diet and I called to be sure that we can use this flour with your machine and was assured it is in fact compatible. So excited. Thanks Emeril for making a machine that I can use to eat on my diet, fool the kids and grandkids into thinking it's semolina pasta , cooks quickly and easily and I can stay true to my own diet and goals!

  4. M R Frolos Jr
    M R Frolos Jr says:

    I love watching Emeril and have been watching him for years and years. I debated whether or not to buy this Pasta and Beyond Machine and I did! I'm so glad I did and so glad that you put videos on how to assemble and disassmble the machine. When I first got it was unable to figure out how to get the top off of the pasta maker so that I could clean it. After watching the machine it was a snap. I can't wait to start using it tonight. I'm going to be making spaghetti w/ shrimp in a garlic / butter sauce along w/ salmon.

  5. TraderParker 13
    TraderParker 13 says:

    Emeril, if you catch this, I have been watching you for over 20 years. Essence of Emeril, Emeril Live, etc. Your teaching is so darn unique, I still learn every day watching on DABL, YouTube, etc. All I can say sir, is THANK YOU..!! You make life a great thing every darn day. God put you here, and we thank him too. You have been an invaluable inspiration to millions of people. Love ya man, and everything you do. Would love to cook with you some day. It would be the best day of my life. Cheers.

  6. Allyson Mudge
    Allyson Mudge says:

    What is the recipe for lasagna on the infomercial? Looks like there is sliced mozzarella but in the recipe book its different. I just received my machine and LOVE it but I would love the recipe in the video.

  7. Lisa Cruz
    Lisa Cruz says:

    I LOVE this machine! My 1st use was not great, even though the pasta cooked fine and tasted amazing. I had too much liquid. You want the flour consistency to be like loose, moist sand. After watching a few videos, and putting in the exact measurements recommended, my pasta maker is cranking out pasta like crazy! Im making 20lbs of pasta today and putting it in the freezer to stock up!

  8. Deeann Eller
    Deeann Eller says:

    I would like more recipes for frozen desserts using this. Where can I find them???  Thank you for your help.
    Received mine in and already made fettuccine and strawberry sorbet. Both were easy and delicious.


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