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Are you looking for a Make Ahead Ground Beef Recipe for your electric pressure cooker? This Instant Pot Ground Beef Recipe cooks ground beef in bulk to …
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  1. Shirley Hardy
    Shirley Hardy says:

    I have been freezing cooked ground beef for many years. It is one step that you have done when you find a recipe to try. The first step is usually brown the ground beef. Thanks for the video using the instant pot. I love steps to make things easier and faster. Love your videos.

  2. saphsnow
    saphsnow says:

    This video is great I watched at least ten before I tried one and I tried yours because you had it down not trying it for the first time thank you!!!!!

  3. wsround
    wsround says:

    Like the Mikey Sealer. I was wondering two things, one can you do this with ground pork or turkey or chicken and two would you think it would be a good idea to, while it is still warm ad some seasoning for specific dishes such as taco seasoning to one or more of the bags to get that season into it?

  4. Pam Hall
    Pam Hall says:

    My husband does this all the time. He weighs it after it is cooked, and bags it in the freezer bags. We then freeze it. It is soooo handy. We also do this with chicken.❤️


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