Egg Salad NO PEEL – Instant Pot

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  1. Emily Clement Stevens
    Emily Clement Stevens says:

    Spam is awesome…..shred/grate about the loaf of spam and add to the egg mixture with a touch of mustard. Put a scoop on a half of hamburger bun, sprinkle some shredded cheese and then broil till cheese is melted and the mixture is warmed through. Really yummy and one of our family's favorites. Great for lunch as a open-faced sandwich.

  2. Katherine Rogers
    Katherine Rogers says:

    Try adding a bit of mustard and salt to your egg, mayo, green onion and black pepper mix. Also add in cooked crumpled bacon and very finely chopped celery. Adding in very finely chopped red pepper adds color and a different taste.

    Rather than chopping on a cutting board, put the egg block in the bowl you will use to store the egg salad. Mash with the back side of a fork. (You can reuse the same fork for your serving). Add in the additional ingredients. To add a bit of green onion and celery I use my kitchen scissors. Crumple in the bacon. Toss with your fork again. Now you have a pair of kitchen scissors to wash and not a cutting board and knife.

    I take quart freezer bags and freeze 2 to 3 servings of egg, chicken or tuna salad in each. Pull it out and let it begin to thaw. Set a timer for 30 minutes. It will thaw while you are toasting your bread, gathering your lettuce and tomato. Toast your bread. Then place your bread toasted side down and put a bit of the salad on each piece of bread. Slide it back in and let the toaster warm it. Add lettuce and tomato to the middle and close your sandwich. Cut your sandwich as you would like.

    Alternatives to the lettuce and tomato include things like alfalfa sprouts, and finely grated carrot.

  3. Sylphadora
    Sylphadora says:

    I do the same but I just bake them in a platinum silicone loaf-shaped bread mould. Baking time is around 20 minutes but there's no prepping involved (I don't even have to grease the mould first) and the only clean up I have to do is wash the mould. Sometimes I beat the eggs and make a giant omelette like this


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