EAT THIS, NOT THAT! 10 HEALTHY CHOICES | with 10 healthy food swaps

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When you “eat this, not that”, you make healthy choices to eat better with 10 healthy food swaps. Following the Mediterranean diet …

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  1. Mediterranean Minutes
    Mediterranean Minutes says:

    Honestly guys, these simple little changes made a big difference in my life so I hope they work for you too! Once you get onto it, you won't even miss those ""less-than-healthy"" items and you'll start craving these really ""good-for-you"" choices instead. I promise! Got any other simple swaps that are some of your favorites? XO Caroline

  2. DNA350ppm
    DNA350ppm says:

    What's wrong with the platter of assorted healthy options for a snack or a whole light lunch at 3:43 for a few seconds, looked yummy and delicious to me, so what do you think? Obviously it is for sharing, not just one person…

  3. Annie M
    Annie M says:

    Greek yogurt is not a good swap for mayo. The texture and flavor are in no way equivalent. Yogurt in the place of mayo is a wrong- headed recommendation that makes people reject all the rest of the healthy swaps out of hand.

  4. Flat Earth Comic
    Flat Earth Comic says:

    Watch out! Plant based nearly killed me. Carnivore Diet saved me. Reversed all my zillions of auto immune illnesses, inflammation, depression, brain fog, fatigue, etc. Too many positives to list here.
    There is new research. We've been lied to. Google it up.

  5. Kerryann Moor
    Kerryann Moor says:

    Hi, I love your channel.
    As a health conscious individual, I employ most of your dietary suggestions.
    However, I do not agree with low fat over whole fat dairy. Low fat is processed, heated and usually has fillers like gelatin added.
    In most parts of the Mediterranean, goats, sheep and cows are milked for their produce. It is consumed either raw or pasteurized, and used as an adjunct to a high vegetable, fruit, legume and grain diet. Meat is mostly eaten on special occasions or as a condiment.
    I think the most sensible approach is to eat food in it's natural, unadulterated form and in moderation. You ll also find that most cultures who follow this way of eating, are pretty active on a daily basis.

  6. Sheila Penney
    Sheila Penney says:

    Just found your channel, and I love it! I love your swaps ! My weakness is crunchy snacks ( pretzels , popcorn, tortilla chips). Also, coffee creamer ( looking for a no sugar option). Otherwise, I eat pretty well according to your guidelines. I need to up my fish consumption a bit. Thankfully I love a great mustard instead of mayo, but I use a tiny bit of mayo in tuna and chicken salad.

  7. I invented post-its
    I invented post-its says:

    Thank you! I was recommended this way of eating by my OBGYN to better prepare my body for pregnancy…I've done keto, but she believes I've restricted myself into an eating disorder…not that I'm saying it is unhealthy or won't work for anyone else, I just got carried away with it and I really want to have a more balanced diet now. Your video was very helpful in starting this change for me, and I will definitely look into more of them 😊.

    Wow, I can't wait to enjoy beans and fruits again!


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