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  1. AllThingsTashia
    AllThingsTashia says:

    You may want to reduce the cooking time a minute or two for your boiled eggs so your yolks will be golden instead of tinged with green. Boiled eggs with a littke green taste more sulphuric.

  2. michelle morris
    michelle morris says:

    My food processor gets used alot when I'm doing big canning days.. or when I'm putting up my garden, just depends.. I could live without it if I needed to.. it will just be tucked away until I need it… can't wait to see your canning videos.

  3. Antoinette Goeman
    Antoinette Goeman says:

    Don't get rid of the food processor. They're expensive, and even if you store it rather for those really really big dinner meal prepping, like Christmas or birthday bashes, it's best to keep it. Mine sits in its box on a shelf in my utility room. When we have a family get-together it's easily 30 people, so the processor comes in handy as I cook for everyone.

  4. sara kaufman
    sara kaufman says:

    Had to laugh at Corey's take on taco seasoning. Definitely in his head🤣🤣 I always make my own and the other week used store bought…I just did what the recipe said and dumped a whole packet in🙈 had to add SO much more meat and sauce because it was so salty🤣 oops. Also. Your comment about young cheese made me laugh…I'll have to refer to it like that now 🤣

  5. Andreea
    Andreea says:

    Hi, radish greens are great leafy greens to use in salads, but they do tend to go bad really fast so make sure you use them the day you cut them or the next day at the latest. They can also be blanched for 30 seconds and puree them to color bread dough or you can make a pesto out of them (classic pesto recipe only with radish greens instead of basil). They are pretty flavourless so seasoning is your best friend.

  6. Kim Acker
    Kim Acker says:

    You are right about letting meals/food sit and marinate in the frig a couple days, it really does enhance the flavors, also I am sure your chicken stock is so much more flavorful and healthy than store bought.

  7. Kim Acker
    Kim Acker says:

    I would advise you to keep the food processor, since you already have it. You do a lot of bulk prep for your meals and I would think it would come in handy at some point.

  8. Alessandro Haas
    Alessandro Haas says:

    I'm from Germany and our farmer suggested to use the radish greens in a soup, if you like the sharpness then put them in just before serving, or use the leaves to make a pesto or salsa, and this is just my educated guess but they could go into falaffels aswell i think. i personally use just young leaves in the salad because they are so hairy and i don't like the mouthfeel.

  9. Megsie1410_Equestrian
    Megsie1410_Equestrian says:

    I broke my food processor about a year ago and finally got a new one and man I had missed it!! I use it for so many things when a blender or stick blender won't really do!

    Also, my mum always just calls worcestershire sauce 'Lea and Perrin's' – much easier! 😂

  10. Millie Figueroa
    Millie Figueroa says:

    Girl, getting rid of your 🤫food processor is like, getting rid of your monthly granny panties, “you don’t use them everyday, but that time of the month you do, you will be grateful “, I’m sure you can find a spot for that precious appliance 🙏🏼

  11. Alexa Moradi
    Alexa Moradi says:

    Best radish greens of your life: (recipe from my farmer in Tennessee:) Leave greens on radishes. Rub with olive oil, S&P in a bowl. Place parchment on baking sheet. Roast until greens are crispy but not burned…sooooooo delish! We serve these with cottage cheese, fresh berries, pickles and crusty bread. Enjoy.

  12. Elizabeth Hovis
    Elizabeth Hovis says:

    I have a beautiful KitchenAid food processor that I only use to shred zucchini to make zucchini salsa. I too am wondering if it is worth keeping. This year I'm going to try using my Ninja blender to make the salsa and see how that works. I've had the food processor way longer than the Ninja. But I use my Ninja all the time.

  13. sarahkat82b
    sarahkat82b says:

    totally going to try marry me chicken for my next poultry dish! Ive thrown radish greens in a salad, I will say they are peppery but I like that. Ive also put used them like a spinach chip dip and put them in the freezer to throw small amounts into soups or broth.
    oh man a food processor is a staple in my kitchen I use it on everything…cheese, veggies, fruit, nuts, making brown sugar, breadcrumbs from old bread, breaking down oats, etc. I went to fb marketplace when my last one broke because I find myself reaching for it so often! I'm also cooking for a family of 8 though so maybe quantity matters.

  14. Cali L
    Cali L says:

    I am not from another country 🙂 But I do get an organic crop share every years and a few years back one of the recipes they included with the radishes we picked up was to make pesto using them…DELICIOUS

  15. Bananaslushies
    Bananaslushies says:

    My current food processor broke and I instantly want a new one and adding it to my budget plans for next month. I have 3 kids who eat well, and like to make lots of bulk meals, so I will grate a couple blocks of cheese at a time when I have it out, because I hate cleaning it. Then I will keep the shredded cheese in a large ziplock bag. I will grate with a box grater if I have to – but I have wrist issues including carpel tunnel so that's my main reason.

    I will say it is the only thing I use my food processor for…. so I'm not sure if there's a better item out there for me that would be

    Also – after seeing your baked oatmeal many times I finally made some for my kiddos yesterday (they ate some for breakfast this morning) I used my honey canned peaches and frozen blueberries (all our wild blueberries we picked this summer was used for jam) 3 thumbs up, thank you for sharing 🙂

  16. Laura McGinnis
    Laura McGinnis says:

    Keep your food processor, it can be extremely helpful/useful for a ton of different recipes. Pie crust, salsa, energy balls, and yes, shredded cheese. But my advice would be to make it very accessible so you reach for it more often 👍


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