EASY Recipes for ONE or TWO in the AIR FRYER – FAST Dinner Ideas

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FIVE super EASY dinner recipes you can make in your air fryer – perfect for just one or two people! And thanks to Harry’s for …

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  1. Karen Polansky
    Karen Polansky says:

    Hi Cathy, I made the Raman noodle recipe and improvised with great success.I wasn’t sure if you kept the water in, or if you used the flavour packet, so I drained most of the water and added the packet to the noodles. I used some imitation crab in place of the chicken and added a large sliced mushroom. When I put it back in the microwave to reheat a little, I threw in a handful of spinach to wilt. It was really delicious! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Deborah Sanders
    Deborah Sanders says:

    Cathy, here’s my question: I have an Instant Pot Vortex Plus but it DOES NOT have a built-in basket. I ordered one on Amazon but the bottom and sides of it is not solid – it’s slotted through which liquids/small bits and pieces can fall through the openings. I have a solid pan in the bottom of the air fryer but I’m worried about liquid overflow. Can you suggest how I can handle this problem? Thanks!

  3. Hayah Hayah
    Hayah Hayah says:

    I love watching your videos because they are useful, but I want you to explain in each recipe the temperature in Celsius as well, because we use it in the Middle East. I hope there will be a translation in Arabic to benefit more. Thank you.

  4. Sharon Theobald
    Sharon Theobald says:

    Thank you for these great recipes/videos. I need "recipes for just one." I think all of your children are special! Logan does have an extra dose of charisma, though. LOL! You are all wonderful!!

  5. woolftwo
    woolftwo says:

    Definitely will be trying most of these. Will skip the shrimp (gross), unless I switch it to something edible like chicken or beef. And won't be trying the last one, way too much chocolate there for our tastes. Absolutely adore Logan and his expressions. I don't know how he managed through that shrimp! >^..^<

  6. Marina Coertze
    Marina Coertze says:

    Thank you for yet another excellent video!💞 Who knew that sweet potatoes and salsa goes together!!💥 I'm definately trying that with the dear sweet potato that's still in the veggie basket in my kitchen that no one wanted. Your doggie is living the good life and Logan is the best tester, I can watch him all day long, he makes me hungery when he enjoys the food so much!!😅 Thanks for these recipes, great ideas one can build others on!

  7. OsakaRose
    OsakaRose says:

    Intricate? Okay, Logan! He cracks me up every time. I think anything you cook for him will be an automatic "5" because like you said, he is a growing hungry teenage boy! 😂

  8. Diane C.
    Diane C. says:

    Hi Cathy!!! These recipes sure do look super yummy. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas. I will be sending this to my family. They like your recipes also. Everything looks just so…delish… Your children are the best taste testers… Cute doggie… YUMS!!!Great video my sweet friend!!!🦋

  9. Debbie Kostiuk
    Debbie Kostiuk says:

    Brings me back to all the whining moms crying because they had it so bad. Im seriously thinking multiple compact air fryers would be a good if not great remedy to dementia-opinion only not patented.

  10. Darla Boyle
    Darla Boyle says:

    Oh my gosh! You have my mouth watering and my stomach growling! These recipes look fabulous +5!

    BTW, your son is hilarious.
    Cute and funny. Oy, you're going to have your hands full. LoL


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