Easy Plant-Based Almond Milk and Yogurt Recipe (No Instant Pot, Yogurt Maker, or Thermometer)

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I’m personally really excited about this recipe video, as I’ve gotten into all things fermenting and culturing during quarantine.

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    PAK EUNSUK says:

    Great job!
    Obtained great ideas!
    Thanks, a million!

    However, did you know using microwaves is very, very harmful to humans?

    All food goes in a microwave will deformed all food nutrition

    The food nutrition is not reduced nor missed out from the microwave..scarry fact but deformed the nutrition that body can't recognize it as it's nutrition..

    I am just sharing the secret fact that the frozen food industry wishes not to reveal it..

  2. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    Im so glad I found this video. Your detailed explanation of why you have to do all the things is very helpful. I've been wanting to make my own yogurt, although I do have an instant pot. I want to make an all cashew milk yogurt, just personal preference, I don't like almonds. I wonder if the author of that cookbook is the woman who founded Miyoko's vegan butter and cheese, which I love but they are so expensive.

  3. Victoria Blanc
    Victoria Blanc says:

    wow and how many like times does he like say like in one like sentence.. great video though! love the dog and squirrel saga in the middle very cute. and I will try this tomorrow for sure. awesome thx

  4. PI Hermit
    PI Hermit says:

    This is cool. I was wondering if this would also work with store bought almond milk? I am asking because nuts are very expensive where I live, so using premade nut stuff tends to be more cost efficient then using nuts from scratch.

  5. sakra123
    sakra123 says:

    A tip that worked for me- I put the yogurt to ferment in a food Thermos. It keeps the temperature and it's light block. That leaves my oven free and even though my food Thermos made of stainless steel, the yogurt bacteria are fermenting without any problems.

  6. sakra123
    sakra123 says:

    Great recipe! I made the almond's yogurt without the agar agar and it was perfect. The consistency after few hours in the fridge was great.
    The oat version is not recommended. too slimy

  7. Sue Slim
    Sue Slim says:

    I am confused about the oven, when you turn it on do you leave it on when placing the yogurt in, and what degree , you didn't address that , can I just wrap it in blanket and leave it overnight instead leaving it in the oven, can you please clear this for me, thanks


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