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Chicken & Rice is such a recipe staple, especially for families with young kids, or anybody looking to stretch their meals with …

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  1. amykathleen2
    amykathleen2 says:

    I hated rice growing up and only started eating it when I lived in Korea, so I still only buy medium grain rice, which is what’s popular in Korea. Usually the Calrose variety is what you’ll see available here in the US. As many Koreans do, I mix white rice with various brown and/or black rices. A mix of equal parts white, regular brown/black, and sweet brown/black rice is mostly whole grain but has better taste and texture than plain brown rice.

  2. Becky Hines
    Becky Hines says:

    I'm not a rice fan but I do have a question and no I haven't been living under a rock 😂. But what is rice cauliflower? Everyone talks about it but I get no answers. I love cauliflower and almost all veggies. I have my son moved back in temporarily so if I like it he probably will to. Oh and his monster of a dog (Thor) is here too. Not getting along so much with my pets.

  3. Michelle Scoggins
    Michelle Scoggins says:

    We tried the buffalo chicken and rice tonight and it was a big hit! I followed your recipe almost exactly. The only difference was that I had some boxed chicken stock in the fridge that needed to be used up, so I substituted that for the water. I look forward to trying the others now! Thank you!

  4. Debbie Yarsevich
    Debbie Yarsevich says:

    I made the mirepoix rice and chicken for a quick supper last night. Minor dietary changes for his health issues. It was a hit, thank you. Also stirred in small amount of frozen peas for the color just before serving. Anyway, again I thank you for all your delicious recipes.

  5. Kecia Starks
    Kecia Starks says:

    I'm a Jasmine Rice girl. I use Arborio rice for Cuban chicken and rice. I keep long grain in my long term food storage and wild rice for a few specific dishes including soups. When it comes to Brown rice I like the minute rice version better than just the regular brown rice…I know a little strange huh! All the recipes looked great!

  6. Monique J
    Monique J says:

    I have always been a minute rice person, it’s what I grew up with and we didn’t eat a lot of it. I’m now experimenting with other rices. Do you have a video on rice basic’s??? If not there’s an idea!!!!!! 🥰


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