EASY CAMP BREAKFAST – BEST Primitive Camp Cooking in the Smokey Mountains


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Join us for an easy camp breakfast in a beautiful place in the Smokey Mountains. This is primitive camp cooking and is easy for beginners on the Coleman …
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  1. campguy
    campguy says:

    check out those kayaking videos if you wanna see some adrenalin rush brutal whitewater…….townsend, TN little river and Tallulah Gorge, GA…..scenery in Tallulah is beyond excellent.

  2. Daddy Dutch BBQ
    Daddy Dutch BBQ says:

    Good looking camp breakfast Scott ! I love fall, but in the MidWest that means the white stuff is coming. Can’t always have a camp breakfast unless I use my Blackstone. Nice review on your camp gear .

  3. Bill Goodwin
    Bill Goodwin says:

    Lovely video . You picked a great area of our country for your camping trip . My wife & I went camping last month (Ohio) and had your exact breakfast 3 days in a row . 😊
    Semper Fi


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