Easy Beef Stew Recipe

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There’s something about a hearty beef stew that’s just so comforting and perfect for the cold months of winter. This French-inspired easy beef stew recipe has lots …

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  1. SugarRose
    SugarRose says:

    I made this with the half a cup of bourbon. The chuck roast turned out incredibly soft. I used center cut chuck roast. This is a lot of chopping – but so worth it

  2. Shelley Bee
    Shelley Bee says:

    I'm going to make this, but I will definitely toss the beef in flour before cooking,and as it will help to thicken the sauce and make it less like soup broth. I don't think I'll do the lemon at the end either. I'm looking forward to making this.

  3. Maria Lawler
    Maria Lawler says:

    By the time the beef is tender, the carrots and potatoes will be overcooked. Cook the stew with the beef, then add the vegetables toward the end of cooking time to be done at the same time ..rudimentary 🤣

  4. Italian Sisters
    Italian Sisters says:

    I added balsamic vinegar instead of brandy. Added 1/4 cup of flour and cooked to dissolve before adding red wine. And added 1 cup of frozen peas right at the end with the lemon. (Oh and YES mushrooms are a must!)

  5. alex cider
    alex cider says:

    After looking for a better knife, I read that a sharp knife helps keep the gasses from an onion from releasing into the air causing a person to tear up. I wonder if that’s true?

  6. Theresa O'Dea
    Theresa O'Dea says:

    Delicious! I didn't add the brandy, or the lemon, infact I didn't even add the potatoes, just carrots and beef (I made garlic mashed potatoes on the side and served with dinner rolls) using the sauce as a gravy — very good! And my house smells amazing.👍 😋


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