Easiest Instant Pot Chicken Breast Recipe Complete Meal!

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Instant Pot Eight Quart Chicken, Rice, Mushrooms + Broccoli One Pot Meal. Easy and Delicious! Updated Recipe: 3 pounds …

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  1. Wm Pet
    Wm Pet says:

    Rick, there is a dollar to be made here. license yourself for that pressure release valve like a bobblehead doll, Id buy one
    Love the new hairdu

  2. chesh kat
    chesh kat says:

    Needs more spices, boullion, onions, peppers, garlic, paprika, and etc.

    But it does look very easy. I'm not a mushroom fan, so I would probably use cream of celery and onion soup.

    I don't know how you eat food that is screaming hot. I must be world's most pathetic wimp because I hate mouth burns.

    I'm hungry.

  3. Barbara Johnson
    Barbara Johnson says:

    Rick, can you use long grain white rice instead of brown rice? Also can you use frozen broccoli? When I make my long grain rice, I use one cup of rice to two cups water. Great recipe..

  4. Catherine Ostrom
    Catherine Ostrom says:

    What size pressure cooker were you using? I made this tonight in my 6 quart. A little less chicken, 2 cups rice, 5 cups water, standard sized cream soup, sm can mushrooms undrained, a little chopped onion, no broccoli. When I tried to vent, stuff was spewing out. Now I'll have to take things apart to clean the valves, etc. Even did the same when I let the pressure drop into the 3s. Seemed like the pot was over filled. A mess! Meal came out more like soup.

  5. Jim Wilson
    Jim Wilson says:

    Chicken and Rice dishes are big in our area. The broccoli and cream of mushroom soup pit OT over the top. Cream of chicken soup tends to overpower the other ingredients. Can’t wait to try it. Hope y’all are hunkered down for the storm headed your way!

  6. Melaney Mattson
    Melaney Mattson says:

    Looks delicious. Yes, as you said, more water, less rice but maybe put the water in first instead of the rice. I'm surprised you didn't get a burn notice, or did you?? Melaney from SoCal

  7. LoveLife
    LoveLife says:

    Hey friend. Looks good. Could you use chicken broth instead of water for more flavor? Love the shaved head Rick. You really do look younger. 👍🥰

  8. mamamouse1215
    mamamouse1215 says:

    Lol the whole time I was thinking that’s way too much rice on the bottom, and you’re going to get stopped by the overheating alarm. Love the broccoli and mushrooms, and the fact that you used brown rice. A package of onion soup mix might be a great addition, or some chicken broth or a couple of bouillon cubes.

  9. CookWithMae
    CookWithMae says:

    I usually make this in the oven when my husband wants this meal, without the broccoli though. I never thought to do it in my instant pot. I'll have to try that next time he wants some.


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